Rachel Cook Spotlights Taut Physique In Barely There Bikini

Model Rachel Cook attends the 2019 grand opening of Criss Angel MINDFREAK at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.
Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Runway star and social media maven Rachel Cook has never been shy about flaunting her bikini-clad body on Instagram. On Saturday afternoon, however, the 25-year-old upped the ante by offering her 2.9 million followers multiple jaw-dropping looks at her sinuous and scantily clad frame with a sexy new slideshow.

Throughout the spread, Cook was shown strutting her stuff in a barely there bikini with a stunning view of a rocky ocean coastline visible behind her. Impressive as it was, though, the scenery was largely overshadowed by the Seattle, Washington, model’s taut and tempting physique.

Cook captioned the photo series with an inspirational quote. Meanwhile, her adoring masses were seemingly inspired by her breathtaking beauty.

Less than two hours after she bolstered her feed with the provocative pictorial, it had been double-tapped nearly 50,000 times. Furthermore, 400-plus replies praising her otherworldly appearance had been left by admirers in the comments section.

“It’s unbelievable how beautiful you are,” opined one impressed user.

“You’ve really grown into your skin the last 2 years,” appraised another follower.

“Beautiful beyond form.”

“You have one of the best Instagram bodies!!” commented a third fan.

“What a beautiful tail!”

“Love you Miss Cook!! You lookin sweet!!” wrote another avid supporter.

The first photo in Cook’s latest offering found her peering back over her shoulder and into the camera, which captured her from behind from a medium-wide angle. She was sitting on a large, blue beach towel in the shot with her hair pulled back tightly and a pair of sunglasses resting on her head. As the picture was snapped, her pink lips were parted and she offered a hint of a smile.

All the while, her shapely, compact posterior was covered with nothing but a thong that acted as little more than a flourish for her pert cheeks.

That shot was followed by one in which she was laying on her towel with her shades on and her belly up. Her bikini top was almost completely unzipped in the front, allowing for a sizable showing of cleavage as her prominent bosom protruded upward. In the meantime, her bare navel, sculpted abs and lithe legs soaked up the sun’s rays.

Cook capped off the slideshow with a snap that was similar to the one that preceded it. However, the Hunted star had removed her glasses and was resting both hands behind her head as she smoldered into the camera.

Earlier in the week, Cook showed off her killer body in an update that captured her sporting a floral-patterned crop top and panties while cozying up to a fire.