Iron Maiden Music Used To Punish Noisy Neighbors

Todd Rigney

An elderly couple blasted Iron Maiden in order to get revenge on their noisy neighbors.

A couple from Stockholm, Sweden became so annoyed by a whistling sound coming from their neighbor's home that they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Authorities explained that the 81-year-old man and his 71-year-old wife aimed a stereo system at their neighbor's house so they could blast Iron Maiden music at all hours of the night. The song of choice: Iron Maiden's "Afraid to Shoot Strangers."

Police were summoned to the couple's house after the problem continued through the winter. The couple were known to blast the music until around four in the morning.

In addition to the stereo positioned on the balcony, authorities said they also discovered another music system in on a lower level of the home. This one was reportedly aimed towards the neighbor's bedroom.

The elderly couple explained that the noise coming from their neighbor's home had gotten so bad that they decided to fight back. Since Iron Maiden tends to make loud music, the husband and wife joined forces to blast the music from their house.

"We wanted to give a taste of their own medicine," the husband explained. The wife added that she had resorted to taking sleeping pills in order to get a decent night's sleep.

Having dealt with the loud Iron Maiden music all winter, the neighbor explained that the constant onslaught of heavy metal music had started to take its toll.

"The harassment has just carried on, I am completely broken down. How can I keep living here?" the couple's neighbor explained.

For blasting the music from their home at all hours of the night, the elderly couple are now facing a charge of harassment.

What do you think about the husband and wife who used Iron Maiden to get revenge on their noisy neighbors?

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