November 28, 2020
'World's Sexiest Athlete' Alica Schmidt Shows Off Her Lean Physique In Thigh-High Slit Black Dress

Alica Schmidt looks great on and off the track, as the German track and field star showed fans this weekend.

The 21-year-old took to Instagram to share a video of herself walking on a platform overlooking the ocean as she wore a thigh-high slit black dress that showed off her incredibly lean physique.

In the clip, the Olympic hopeful gazed into the camera with a slight smile, and the shot then panned back to give a look at the entire outfit. Her muscular leg could be seen from a slit that went up high on her thigh, and a cut-out portion in the middle showed off her washboard abs. The scene then cut to show her walking down a stone staircase toward the water, holding her dress as it flowed with each step. She turned back when reaching a landing, showing off the front of the outfit again before the camera quickly cut to an image of a beautiful sunrise.

The video appeared to be a leftover from Schmidt's recent sun-soaked vacation in Greece. In the caption, she wrote that it was a throwback to what she called "heaven on earth," a visit that fans got to see through her Instagram feed. Schmidt shared a number of revealing images from the getaway, including some glimpses of her bikini body and others of her wearing revealing dresses.

Schmidt remembered the clip shared on Saturday as a "magical morning," one that fans have already seen in part. She took to the picture-sharing social media site in late October to pose in the same dress, this time showing a still image as she stood in front of a pool.

Schmidt, who earned the nickname "World's Sexiest Athlete" for her stunning good looks and tendency to share revealing images on social media, has been hard at work since returning from the vacation. As The Inquisitr reported, she has shared a number of posts showing the rigorous training she is going through as she hopes to represent her country in the 2021 Olympics. The short- and middle-distance runner had been making a push to represent Germany in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo before the games were postponed with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

The break that Schmidt's Instagram followers got to see through the video posted on Saturday was short-lived, as she has spent most of her time working out and practicing on the track since returning late last month.