Jessica Simpson, 40, Poses Pantsless While Wearing A Winter Jacket In Revealing Instagram Snap

Jessica Simpson poses at an event.
BRYAN BEDDER / Getty Images

Jessica Simpson is gearing up for winter by posing in a large white jacket while going pantsless.

The 40-year-old singer and actress posed in a picture for her Jessica Simpson Style Instagram page that showed her wearing a thigh-length white coat with fur lining the top of the hood and covering the wavy blond hair that framed her face. As she pursed her lips and shot a sultry look at the camera, Simpson kept her arms crossed while clutching the unbuttoned jacket, keeping it closed over her barely dressed body. She wore no pants for the shot, which showed her posing outdoors in what appeared to be the dying light of the day.

Simpson told fans in the caption to “bundle up,” though she didn’t appear to be well-prepared for any cold winter weather. The image still seemed to go over well with those following the brand’s page, with many leaving messages praising her fashion sense and how good she looked in the color.

“I think I love white,” one person commented.

“Sunkissed snow bunny!” another added.

As The Inquisitr noted, this was not the first time the singer has used her own fantastic physique to promote her fashion line. She shared another picture last month where she wore a pair of thigh-high boots with Daisy Dukes, giving fans a glimpse of her long and lean legs. This photo was a hit as well, racking up thousands of likes and plenty of compliments for her sense of style.

The Instagram feed for her brand shows that she often models pieces from the collection. She even sometimes uses her own personal feed to promote her work. After making a name for herself first as a singer and then an actress, Simpson has devoted plenty of time to build her own personal brand, which includes her fashion products and even a now-defunct line of edible cosmetics.

This isn’t the first time either that Simpson’s fans have seen her without any pants. In another Instagram post shared last month, she posed in a black bodysuit that showed off her legs. In the caption, Simpson explained that date nights with her husband require a slightly different dress code since COVID-19 restrictions kept the couple inside their home. You can view the post here.

“Pandemic date nights look a little different these days. No pants required,” she wrote in the caption. That post also proved to be popular with her fans.