Bru Luccas Goes Topless While Wearing A Tiny Thong Bikini Bottom In Latest Update

Bru Luccas takes a selfie
Bru Luccas / Instagram

Brazilian fitness model Bru Luccas took to Instagram on Friday evening with a sizzling snap of both sides of her incredible physique, thrilling her 3.6 million followers.

Bru wore burnt orange bikini bottoms with a strikingly small design. It featured one tiny triangle of fabric in the back, on which a white daisy was embroidered, and attached to spaghetti straps whose width literally represented the term.

A pair of ties embellished with tasseled ends were visible dangling against her left thigh, but the rest of the garment was covered by a fluffy white towel that she held against her bare bust, in front of her body.

Bru faced the camera with her left side and gazed over her shoulder with wide eyes and a small smile playing on the corners of her mouth. Her back was arched and she appeared to balance her weight on her right leg, with her other knee bent slightly to accentuate the curve of the bottom of her derriere.

The towel enveloped her right hand, which she held in front of her breasts, blocking only the most necessary bits from view. She rested her left hand against her abdomen and clutched the middle section of the soft fabric, draping the rest of it over her thighs.

Bru’s upper arm and tantalizing round cheeks were dotted with droplets of water that glimmered on the surface of her bronzed skin.

She mentioned in the caption that the photo shoot took place in Los Cabos, Mexico, and indicated that the pictures were stunning.

Bru was the focus of this image, but the luxurious environment helped enhance the scene. It featured a long, narrow wading pool with a curving infinity edge, against which she posed. A row of yellow lounge chairs was placed in the water behind her, next to what appeared to be a marble-topped swim-up bar.

A short wall lined the front of the pool, which was constructed directly on a sandy beach. In the distant background, a craggy rock rose high into the air and partially obstructed the view of a seemingly late afternoon sky, judging from the diffused quality of the light.

Early in November, The Inquisitr covered a video share which was seemingly at the same resort, but at a slightly different location. Bru wore a pastel pink and lavender bikini that exposed her bouncing breasts as she walked, then sprawled out on a poolside lounge.