Camila Bernal Claps Back At Her Critics While Flaunting Bombshell Curves

Colombian Instagram star Camila Bernal poses for a selfie.
Camila Bernal / Instagram

Colombian model Camila Bernal offered a few choice words for her critics with the latest update to her timeline. In addition to coming down on those who claim she lacks talent, she also took the opportunity to enthrall her 1.4 million followers with several pictures of her buxom body pleasingly covered by a black monokini that only served to accentuate her voluptuous features.

In the caption, the 23-year-old revealed that all of the attached pictures had come directly from her smartphone’s camera roll. She further cited the spread as proof of her talents both in front of and behind the camera.

Bernal’s fans offered additional support in the comments section, praising the way in which her shapely, plus-sized physique filled the frame en masse. Many expressed appreciation for her work ethic and brand-building prowess as well.

“You’re such a babe!!!” one impassioned user exclaimed. “Get it sexy momma.”

“U have sooooooooo much blessed talent, that I’ll happily take some,” a second commenter wrote.

“You’ve built your name into a huge brand, screw anyone who can’t handle your success,” a third follower assured. “They’re jealous.”

“I mean there’s a billion beautiful girls with big booties but there is only 1 Caami,” another enamored admirer added.

In addition to all of the glowing compliments, Bernal’s fans showed her more love by double-tapping her post nearly 10,000 times in its first hour after going live

All of the shots showed the bombshell strutting her stuff in a black monokini that seemingly melded with her curvacious, olive-hued body. Her shoulders and arms were given additional coverage by a bright orange shirt that barely managed to approach the upper half of her ample bosom on its underside. Consequently, she clearly showed off her cleavage in the first two slides.

One of those pictures found Bernal focusing her dark eyes on the camera’s lens while pulling at the ends of her pigtails. In the other, she was shown caressing her slender waist on both sides with her palms.

The remaining four photos in the pictorial were back-view shots that propelled her plump posterior to the forefront. In all of those snaps, she rested her hands on her thighs, drawing further attention to her cheeky assets and well-built legs. Meanwhile, three of the four photos found her staring seductively at the device that documented her.

One day earlier, Bernal celebrated Thanksgiving by uploading multiple beachfront snaps in which she rocked an even skimpier swimwear set.