November 27, 2020
Bri Teresi Owns The Links In Plaid Miniskirt And Plunging Top

Guess girl and social media personality Bri Teresi enriched her Instagram timeline on Friday afternoon with another in a long line of stunning pictures that were taken as she enjoyed a round of golf. With her latest update, the blond bombshell rocked the platform with a stunning, medium-wide shot that captured her walking the course with a putter in hand.

Teresi sported a tight top with a plunging neckline as she approached the green. This garment put the spotlight on her sensuous cleavage. She also wore a plaid miniskirt that hugged her hips as well as her pert posterior.

The post's geotag indicated that she was snapped at the Alta Sierra Country Club, a location that has been frequently featured on her popular feed. Meanwhile, she credited IG user @24hourphoto for capturing her stunning visage with their camera.

If the replies in the comments section were any indication, her 1.1 million followers definitely had strong feelings about the sexy presentation. The thread was littered with several public declarations of affection.

"Don't stop what you're doing," one impressed user requested. "It looks good on you."

"Great again" a second admirer gushed. "A super glamorous outfit."

"Loving the look (of the putter)," another of Teresi's fans joked.

"Just absolutely beautiful and just so perfect in every way," a fourth follower wrote. "It's just unreal @briteresi."

In addition to heaping praise upon her, Teresi's adoring fans further voiced their approval by the share with 1,500 double-taps in just 30 minutes.

Teresi focused her gaze away from the camera in the uploaded pic as she put her right leg in front of the other. One arm rested on her side while the other was clutching her golden-shafted putter. Her pink lips were slightly parted and her wavy, bleached blond hair extended out from a middle part and blanketed her shoulders on both sides.

The 26-year-old's arms were largely covered by the long sleeves of her black top. However, the garment's plunging neckline left the upper half of her perky bustline bare in the shot. It also left her lower ribs exposed on the underside.

She completed the look with her miniskirt, which was cream-colored with navy blue and brown lines comprising the aforementioned plaid print. A lengthy chain that was attached to a zipper and a metal buckle along her waistline could be seen dangling beyond the skirt's lower reaches.

On Wednesday, Teresi's attire was just as steamy in another photo update that showed her on the links. In that post, she struck a provocative pose while sporting a pleated white miniskirt and a tight red top that also left her upper cleavage visible.