Viral Video Shows Donald Trump’s Outburst During Thanksgiving Day Golf Round: ‘I Hate This F*cking Hole’

Donald Trump hits a ball at his golf course.
IAN MACNICOL / Getty Images

Donald Trump did not seem to have a relaxing start to his Thanksgiving Day, as a now-viral video shows.

The president took a trip to the golf course on Thanksgiving morning before gathering with family, and a video showed that he had a bit of difficulty on at least one of the holes. As The Daily Mail reported, Trump was teeing off at a hole at his company’s course in Virginia, a frequent destination when he hits the links.

In the clip, he was seen going through a series of short practice swings before lining up behind the ball and sending it directly into a water hazard. Trump was heard swearing as he realized the poor hit, then again when the ball splashed down into the water.

“I hate this f*cking hole,” he was heard saying.

His partners seemed to get a kick out of the expletive, as they were seen laughing after the outburst. The clip captured some viral attention, with many sharing stories about it online and offering some mockery at the commander in chief’s expense.

Video of the incident published by TMZ can be seen below, but be warned that it contains some language that may be offensive.

His habit of hitting the links has long come under scrutiny from critics, who pointed out that he promised during the 2016 campaign that he would not have any time for golfing if he became president. Instead, he has played at a rate much higher than predecessor President Barack Obama, who was frequently criticized by Trump for his golf trips.

The courses owned by Trump’s company have also become a target for critics. As Newsweek reported, critics decided to use his Scotland course to deliver a stinging message about his election loss.

“President Donald Trump was playing a few holes when he found out he had lost the election and it was on one of his own golf courses that activists decided to emphasize that message, using the insult he often hurls at opponents,” the report noted.

“The front lawn of the Trump Turnberry course in Ayrshire, Scotland, was lit up with the word ‘Loser’ to the strains of the Village People song ‘YMCA,’ which was a Trump campaign anthem.”

Trump appeared to be in a bad mood later on Thanksgiving as well. As The Inquisitr reported, he lashed out at a reporter who asked at a press conference when he might concede the election.