Weekly ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam’s Uncertain, Ava’s Making Demands, & Lulu’s Life Hangs In The Balance

Kelly Monaco and Steve Burton play Sam and Jason on 'General Hospital'
Todd Wawrychuk / ABC

General Hospital spoilers hint that the week of November 30 will be a rough one for many people in Port Charles. A new sneak peek shared via Twitter gives everybody a taste of what’s ahead.

Due to Thanksgiving, ABC is not airing a new episode on Friday. However, the action picks back up again on Monday.

Lulu is in a coma due to the head injury she sustained in the Floating Rib explosion. General Hospital teasers share that Dante will ask Laura what their options are.

Dante technically doesn’t really have any say in what decisions are made regarding Lulu’s situation. However, Laura knows that they both still loved one another. Given that, Laura is likely to consider Dante’s thoughts as they face difficult calls regarding the next steps in Lulu’s care.

Jason and Sonny are racing to track down information regarding what happened. They figure that Cyrus orchestrated the blast and they also suspect that there was a connection to Julian. The General Hospital sneak peek shows that they will meet up with someone and demand answers.

Sam has been a part of Jason’s world for a long time, but this situation has her rattled. Danny could have lost his life in the explosion that was designed to kill Jason, and she’s voicing some doubts about living this way.

The General Hospital preview shows Sam with Carly, wondering what happens if she can’t live with “it” anymore. This is surely referencing the type of life where she has to worry about her loved ones being targeted because of the mob world.

Could Sam end up deciding she can’t continue this life with Jason?

Sasha overdosed thanks to drugs provided by Cyrus and Brando saved her. General Hospital spoilers reveal that she’ll make serious progress in recovering from that, and Brando will have a big question for her. Has she hit rock bottom?

Michael and Willow finally slept together and now they need to figure out what’s next. General Hospital teasers detail that the annual Quartermaine Thanksgiving gathering will begin on Monday, and Olivia will want to play matchmaker by nudging a couple of people together.

Ava knows that Julian detonated the bomb at the Floating Rib and she was furious with her brother. Not only did the blast kill Dustin and Dev, but her sister-in-law Lulu has been gravely injured as well. It looks as if she may truly feel this is the last straw for her.

She already gave Julian an ultimatum, insisting he leave Port Charles. The General Hospital sneak peek reveals she’ll stick to her guns on this one, demanding that he leave by morning.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that the week ahead may bring one or two additional departures as a result of the blast at the Floating Rib. Will there be any additional shockers for fans? The next few episodes should be intense ones and viewers will not want to miss them.