Tiger Woods And Lindsey Vonn Yachting Photos With Tiger Shirtless, Vonn In Strapless Bikini [Video]

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn are making memories as their relationship gets closer. In a new portfolio of photographs that includes super-hot snapshots from their recent yachting trip, the public is getting a look at the celebrity duo like never before.

I've just posted a video down below that includes a number of photographs from the romantic vacation. The intimate snaps will give you an insider's look at scenes from Woods' fishing trip, where his well-developed arms and chest can be seen.

Oh, and ladies -- his shirt is nowhere to be seen. Heh. Try not to drool.

Lindsey Vonn appears in a strapless bikini that reveals the skier's powerful shoulders and her even more impressive abdomen. If she ever gets demoted from girlfriend, she can be his bodyguard. I'm scared of her from here.

The yacht apparently has an ironic name, but there's some disagreement about what it is. TMZ said that it was called Solitude.

OMG! said it was called Privacy.

Apparently, everybody on the scene was too busy ogling the stars to check out the side of the boat.

Be that as it may, clearly Woods and Vonn are becoming more open about their relationship. According to reports, Woods' two children with ex-wife Elin Nordegren were also along for the trip.

The photo album actually begins with a few scenes of their appearance at the fashion industry celebration of the year, MetGala 2013. I'm afraid that the event has become best-known as the party where Kim Kardashian appeared dressed as a couch, but Woods and Vonn's look of timeless elegance was a complete success. He wore a tuxedo, and she wore a white gown that quietly drew attention to her spectacular figure.

And if Tiger Woods partied too hard at the MetGala after-party, then who can really blame him?

Woods got it together in time to become the 2013 Player's Champion, proving to any doubters who still remain that he's still got it.

There's no denying that Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn make a good-looking pair.

[Tiger Woods photo by Tony Bowler / Shutterstock.com]