Elk With Tire Around Its Neck Will Have To Live With It

Morrison, CO – An elk with a large tire wedged around its neck will have to live with its unusual accessory for a little while longer.

Residents in Morrison spotted the elk last week when many expressed concern that the animal’s life could be endangered.

Julie Daigneault says the elk appeared in her front yard on Tuesday and Wednesday. She believes the cow is part of a herd of about 50 elk.

Julie’s husband Mark snapped pictures of the elk and its tire. “I just thought it was very funny to see that elk with a tire around its neck,” he said to 7NEWS. “A little bit of bling.”

Neighbor Rita Grover said people in the area will keep an eye out for the wellbeing of the tire-toting beast. “We kind of keep track of the wildlife up there,” she says. “That’s one of the great things about living up here. The wildlife in the back yard.”

Authorities have now reassured residents that the elk is mobile and can eat and breathe without difficulty.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPAW) officials say they have known about the elk since April 8 yet have avoided tranquilizing it as the creature may be pregnant. Tranquilizers can be damaging to unborn calves, so park wardens have held off the dart gun.

CPAW spokeswoman Jennifer Churchill told 7NEWS that elk often get items stuck on and around their necks. She says the organization has previously encountered an elk with a bird feeder around its neck, and another wearing a tomato cage. 7NEWS itself reports seeing elk with Christmas lights, a swing and even a barstool around their necks.

You can watch a report on Morrison’s famous tired elk below:

[Image via Shutterstock.com]