Camila Bernal Flaunts All Of Her Curves In Teeny Yellow Bikini

Camila Bernal takes a selfie.
Camila Bernal / Instagram

Instagram model Camila Bernal flaunted her buxom figure for her 1.4 million followers with her latest update. The post, which went live on Thursday, November 26, saw the celebrity rocking a barely there string bikini.

“Healthy,” she declared in the caption. Adding a pic of broccoli, the assumption could be made that she was referring to her diet as well as her generous curves.

Camila wore a bright yellow thong bikini that highlighted her curvaceous figure. In the first image, not a lot could be seen of her swimwear as the shot was taken from down low. Panning up her body from behind, her ample booty was the focal point as she reached for the sky with her tanned arms. Her damp hair hung down messily over her back.

In the next picture, Camila stood facing the camera. She looked skyward as she held on to the top straps of her bikini. The triangular cups plunged down low, revealing plenty of her cleavage and her briefs sat high over her wide hips. It also appeared that she had just gone for a swim as her body glistened with water.

The third snap saw Camila searching for something. Covering her eyes with her hand, she gazed off-screen. Her hair and body were now dry and she wore a pair of sunglasses to further shade her eyes from the sun.

Camila’s followers were quick to respond after she posted the images. Within two hours, the set had already seen a generous 11,700 likes and plenty of comments from her adoring fanbase.

“Very healthy,” one follower wrote.

“You look Divine,” praised a second fan.

“Organic,” another user remarked in obvious reference to the vegetable in Camila’s caption.

“You stay blessing my IG each and every day,” admired a fourth person, also adding the praying emoji to the end of their words.

Many of her followers also opted to use emoji rather than words in order to convey how they felt about the update. The most popular appeared to be the fire, heart-eyes, and variants of the heart one. However, considering the close-up shot of Camila’s buns in the first photo, the peach emoji was also used with great frequency as well.

Camila often flaunts her ample curves when posting content to her official social media account. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, on Tuesday she shared a video update that saw her grooving along to “After Hours” by The Weeknd. While doing so, she wore nothing more than a semi-sheer yellow bra and panties set.