Georgina Mazzeo Spotlights Her Cleavage & Killer Physique In Multicolored Leopard-Print Bikini

Venezuelan model Georgina Mazzeo continues to put the spotlight on her taut, tempting physique via regular video uploads on her Instagram feed. With her latest share, which went live on Wednesday night, the 29-year-old may have provided her 2.6 million followers with one of the best looks at her bodacious body yet as she owned the beach in a multicolored leopard-print bikini.

As translated from Spanish via Google, Mazzeo revealed that the steamy snapshot had been taken in Miami. She also expressed her love for the location, praising the warmth of the sunset there. Additionally, she promoted a popular brand of energy drink that was featured throughout her 45-second video.

In the meantime, her adoring masses appeared to be infinitely more concerned with the notable display of skin and cleavage in the clip. Within a few hours of the update's appearance, users had left 400-plus comments, a significant portion of which offered words of praise for her stunning visage.

"This. is. absolutely. spectacular." one devotee wrote. " I didn't even mind the invasive energy drink!"

"God damn, even without the product. Her smile sells itself," another admirer gushed.

"Very attractive picture of you," a third follower opined.

"Who is more lucky?" one person pondered, via Google Translate. "You for being able to enjoy the good temperature or the sun for getting to enjoy you?"

The footage began in slow motion with the camera panning upward and Mazzeo sitting in the sand with her hands at her sides and one knee lifted up. As the frame moved, the brunette bombshell wiggled her bottom around the sand and shifted her legs about in a seductive manner. Within seconds, there was a transition to a shot of the model drinking the aforementioned beverage and then offering a sweet smile with her eyes on the camera's lens.

Mazzeo wore a skimpy bikini top with angular breast cups that were connected by thin straps on both the top and bottom. Between them, the divide in her bosom was clearly exhibited. Meanwhile, the pink, blue and yellow hues of her top -- as well as the animal-style pattern that was emblazoned on it -- further drew attention to that area of her anatomy. Mazzeo's matching bottom was similarly scant, leaving all but her most intimate areas uncovered in the shot.

The seductive ensemble also managed to highlight her gym-honed abs, picturesque face and lissome limbs as she strutted about the beach and posed suggestively for the remainder of the reel. She also sampled the drink and smiled impishly throughout the video between quick cuts to close-up shots of the aforementioned beverage.

Earlier in the week, Mazzeo brought the heat to her social media profile with another seaside share where she showed off her washboard abs and perky attributes in a black bikini.