Race Car Driver Lindsay Brewer Teases Cleavage And Tanned Thighs In All-White Ensemble

Shawna Cory

Instagram model Lindsay Brewer took to her social media account on Tuesday night with a stunning pair of snaps that thrilled her 1.4 million followers. The petite blonde rocked a stylish ensemble that showcased her ample assets, as well as her killer tan.

Almost 20,000 fans — including fellow model Jilissa Zoltko — hit the like button in the first hour after the post was uploaded.

Lindsay expressed her excitement in the caption to be modeling for clothing designer Lanvin. She wore an ivory button-down shirt tucked into a pair of white Daisy Dukes.

The shirt featured a relaxed fit and appeared to be made of linen or lightweight cotton. She rolled up the long sleeves into thick cuffs around her forearms and left most of the buttons along the front undone to expose the entirety of her tantalizing cleavage.

The tiny shorts fit high around her narrow waist and had frayed hems with a few strings of white thread that dangled against her thighs.

Lindsay accessorized with a Louis Vuitton handbag in a matching neutral shade. The purse had a structured design and a gray-and-cream snakeskin handle. She also wore a watch with a thick gold band and round pendant on a delicate chain that is seen around her neck in the majority of her shares.

Her platinum hair was parted a bit off-center and styled straight, with the ends spilling over her shoulders and curving around her pert breasts.

Lindsay posed standing in both images, clutching the bag in front of her body with both hands next to one another. She faced the camera squarely and let her lips curve into a small smile. In the first shot, her hips and shoulders were almost parallel to one another.

In the subsequent photo, the race car driver tilted her head to one side and shifted her weight slightly so that her hips were cocked.

"Best influencer in LA," one fan declared, adding stars and an applause emoji to emphasize their compliment.

"Very beautiful," a second person remarked.

Late last month, The Inquisitr covered a post in which Lindsay posed provocatively with a friend underneath a wooden dock in Cancun, Mexico. The two ladies wore revealing string bikinis that left little to the imagination and appeared to be very comfortable with one another. Lindsay flirtatiously brandished a triangle of watermelon on a stick, and her companion enjoyed pineapple instead. To date, the share has racked up over 93,000 likes.