Heather Graham, 50, Sizzles In Black Leather Miniskirt And Stockings: ‘Felt Cute…Might Delete Later’

Heather Graham attends "The Rest Of Us" premiere during the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival at Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto, Canada.
Robin Marchant / Getty Images

Heather Graham delighted her 333,000 Instagram followers with her most recent update on Tuesday, in which she posed for a mirror selfie while wearing a classic black ensemble that beautifully displayed her slender figure. Over 10,000 fans hit the like button in the first hour after the post was uploaded.

The stood facing the camera and backed far enough away from the mirror in front of her to capture a full-body reflection. She wore a tight-fitting black sweater tucked into a sultry leather miniskirt that ended several inches above the middle of her slender thighs.

She finished off the outfit with sheer black stockings and high-heeled ankle boots that accentuated the length of her legs.

The rest of Heather’s appearance matched her polished attire. Long dark lashes framed her huge eyes and the lighting emphasized her killer cheekbones and rosy lips. Her honey-blond hair was parted slightly off-center, framing her face as her locks fell over her shoulders in loose waves.

The License to Drive and Swingers star posed with her hips cocked to one side and her left leg extended forward, placing most of her weight on her back leg. She held her phone far out to one side, skillfully managing not to block any portion of her reflection with the device. Her right hand was perched on her hip.

Heather posed in a narrow, well-lit room with a cushioned bench flanking one side of the background, upon which a leather handbag appeared to be placed.

The other side featured a small, modern kitchen featuring light wood cabinetry and only the most basic necessities.

Heather’s Instagram followers loved the update and were quick to agree that she looked incredible. Multiple people implored her to leave the photo on her page, despite her teasing comment in the accompanying caption.

“So cute!!” one fan exclaimed.

“My kind of outfit,” declared a second person, adding a heart-eyes symbol to emphasize their compliment.

“My dream girl,” a third supporter remarked, following the words with a red heart.

“You look awesome!!” raved a fourth person.

Those who chose not to convey their adoration in words left strings of affectionate emoji.

In a post covered by The Inquisitr several months ago, Heather reminisced about her performance in Boogie Nights with Mark Wahlberg – referring to herself in the caption as the “OG Rollergirl.” She rocked a pair of shiny gold skates with a cute printed romper and expressed her admiration for the “cool” girls embracing the sport, particularly during the coronavirus quarantine.