Fox Sports Host Holly Sonders Poses Provocatively With Her Legs Open While Clad In Emerald Green Lingerie

Holly Sonders poses for a photo in Florida.
Al Messerschmidt / Getty Images

Holly Sonders wowed fans by sharing another sizzling snap that saw her posing provocatively in lingerie. The November 24 update marked her second of the day, earning plenty of attention from her huge fan base on Instagram.

The image captured her lounging next to a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows that allowed plenty of sunlight to spill over her bombshell body. She sat on the back of a gray couch that had a furry blanket draped over its back. Holly posed in a provocative position, opening her legs and draping one foot on the couch while tucking the opposite in near her thigh. She casually rested her arms on her knees, averting her gaze off-camera.

Holly smoldered in emerald green lingerie with semi-sheer fabric that revealed her skin underneath. The piece had a balconette style cut that fell midway down her chest, offering her eager audience a generous view of cleavage. It had a set of thick bands that were tight on her ribs and sides, highlighting her svelte frame. Its silky straps stretched tightly over her shoulders, leaving her muscular arms on full display.

The bottom of the ensemble was equally hot, matching the same scanty fabric as her top. The front covered what was necessary to meet Instagram’s guidelines and the high-rise design showed a peek of her bronze thighs. It had a set of thick straps that were tight on her hips, accentuating her tiny waist and flat tummy. The piece also featured a set of circular clasps that were worn over her hipbones.

Holly added a pair of semi-sheer, over-the-knee stockings that were trimmed with a piece of sexy lace fabric. She added a bold accessory with a pair of silver hoop earrings that popped against her dark tresses. She wore her hair in a side part with sexy waves.

In her caption, the model joked this is her wardrobe when her luggage gets lost. Unsurprisingly, the post has been garnering rave reviews from fans. More than 3,400 double-tapped the update, and 130-plus have left comments.

“Image [sic] going thru the airport like that yelling where’s my bags lol. Beautiful you are and thankful that you let us all see the beauty that’s you holly,” one follower wrote, adding a series of red hearts to the end of their comment.

“Wow, thank heavens for lost luggage,” another joked, referencing the caption.

“You’ll get no argument from me gorgeous heavenly angel!!” exclaimed a third with the addition of a few flames.

“I don’t believe you’ll get to [sic] many complaints,” a fourth noted.