'Double Shot At Love' Star Maria Elizondo Shows Off Her Curves In White Lace Bustier And Tiny Panties

Double Shot at Love star Maria Elizondo showed off her curves in a white lace bustier and tiny panties in a new Instagram share. The former flame of Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino looked directly at the camera for the sultry update and so far, her 432,000 followers have hit the like button 52,000 times.

In the series of two snaps, Maria expressed her emotions in different ways. Her normally straight hair was fashioned into long and loose waves that framed her face. Brushed over to the right side, the curls were tight and gave a romantic tone to the photos. Her eyebrows were raised quizzically in both photos.

Maria wore a stunning lingerie set that showed off her envious curves. She sat atop a chair that appeared to have been draped with a brown blanket.

In the first photograph, the top was clearly visible. The cups of the bustier provided full coverage for the reality television personality, who became beloved by fans after falling hard for Vinny in Seasons 1 and 2 of the MTV dating series.

Underneath the bra was a panel of lace that ran up in between the cups. It ended halfway down her midsection. Its top featured a double set of straps. Two were extended out toward her cleavage and were connected to the main strap, which wrapped over her shoulders and secured on her back.

The bottoms were high-cut and fell into a v-shape underneath her bellybutton. These were also trimmed with a similar lace that was used on the top of the lingerie set.

Maria showed off an impossibly tiny waist and flat stomach. These were prominently displayed, as was her toned upper body.

In the first photograph, Maria held up her left hand with the palm facing her face and wrapped her right arm underneath her breasts. In the second image, she held both hands against her cheeks and opened her mouth as if she was greatly surprised.

Followers of the reality television star adored the sassy snaps. They shared their remarks in the comments section of the share.

"YASSSSSS Maria," wrote one follower.

"Whoa queen, you look sooo good. Vinny doesn't know what he's missing," a second fan penned.

"The pin-up dolls WISH, you are stunning," claimed a third user.

"Those hips, and what waist? Nobody looks like this in real life, oh my goodness. Goddess, beauty, amazing, keep posting," a fourth fan remarked.