‘Dust 514’ Gets Official Release Date

Dust 514 has been a long time in coming but publisher CCP has finally announced an official release date. Those who have been waiting for most than three years will be able to play the completed game on May 14.

The game has actually been in beta for quite a while and was actually announced way back in 2009. Since it was first previewed three years ago, there have been multiple guesses as to when it would go live for all to see but those guesses have always been wrong.

Dust 514 is actually part of the larger Eve Online universe. Battles that are fought in Dust will translate to the bigger game. The game is basically just a way to play out some adventures on a smaller scale while still getting the quality of the bigger game.

Because there is a connection to the bigger world this game will allow you to set up different battles using a completely new format. This game will only be available on the Playstation 3 this May.

While the game is actually a companion piece to Eve Online, there is also a companion piece to this particular title. CCP announced that Neocom will be a Playstation Vita companion game for this title.

The company is clearly trying to get Eve out there to as many people who want to play it. The head of the game developer said that by releasing these additions to that universe they are actually making sure that the title will outlive the people who created it.

While that seems to be a bit of a stretch the bigger universe has been incredibly popular. Adding new and different ways to play versions of the world they love so much is only going to endear gamers to the company and what it is trying to do.

Are you going to be playing Dust 514?