Kate Beckinsale Lies Back With Her Legs Apart And A Cat Down Her Pants

Kate 'crossed a line' on the floor with her feline.

Kate Beckinsale attends the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Kate 'crossed a line' on the floor with her feline.

Kate Beckinsale shared a bizarre clip on Instagram this week which showed her as she lay on her back with her legs apart and a cat down her pants. The British actress displayed her signature sense of humor in the November 23 video as she placed the animal inside her sweatpants and quipped that a line may have been crossed.

The 10-pound fluffy white feline, which appeared to be her pet Clive, seemed a little confused. Kate looked at him with her long, brunette hair slightly curled and down, and matched her bottoms in a white sweater with the sleeves rolled up, revealing just a sliver of her toned middle.

Kate got down on a fluffy gray rug in what appeared to be her living room and filmed the moment with her phone in her left hand as she placed her right on her head. Clive had his paws on either side of her torso, with his bottom half between her legs as he looked at her.

“I feel like we’ve been hanging out too much and that maybe we’ve crossed a line it’s going to be difficult getting back from. Do you?” the 47-year-old star jokingly asked the feline.

She stroked Clive’s head as he turned to look at the camera, before things got uncomfortable for the Pearl Harbor star.

“Tail, tail!” Kate shouted as she attempted to sit up.

The interaction was looked upon by her Pomeranian, named Myf, who sat on the white sofa behind them.

In the caption, Kate joked that it seemed like a good idea at first to get so close to her pet, but she quickly realized it was “overrated.”

The video has been viewed over 627,000 times and amassed more than 80,600 likes and 1,600-plus comments.

“You know you’ve been hanging out too much when one of you is chilling in the other’s pants,” one Instagram user joked.

“That’s hilarious,” another person commented with a crying laughing emoji.

“This is the content we deserve,” a third fan wrote with two okay hand emoji.

“What just happened here,” another person asked with a cat face.

Kate often shares cat content on social media and recently dressed as the bottom half of a kitty for a hilarious birthday shoutout for costume designer Gabriella Morpeth.

That Instagram upload, which has since been deleted, showed the actress in the lower half of a costume as she rocked tight black bottoms with feline legs from the knees down.