Lindsey Pelas Heard That ‘Nice Chi-Chis’ And Ocean Sounds Reduce Stress So She’s Doing Her Part For Fans

Lindsey Pelas arrives at Fashion Nova Presents: Party With Cardi.
Randy Shropshire / Getty Images

2020 has been a challenging year for almost everyone, and model Lindsey Pelas sweetly demonstrated the willingness to provide a welcome service to her 8.7 million Instagram followers on Monday evening.

Lindsey’s latest share was a quick video in which the buxom blonde flaunted her jiggling bust with the soothing sound of ocean waves in the background. She flirtatiously declared in the caption that those two things combined are successful in lowering stress levels by a huge percentage and used a sexually suggestive number for the fictional statistic.

Regardless of whether the statement was scientifically accurate, over 29,000 of her fans appeared to have appreciated the calming effects of the update by hitting the “like” button in the first several hours after it was uploaded.

The still image introducing the clip showed Lindsey standing close to the camera with one of her hands touching the edge of the photo frame, captured in the process of beginning to film the selfie video. She gazed directly at the camera with wide eyes and her full lips slightly parted.

Much of the focus was also on Lindsey’s impressive bust, most of which was displayed by her skimpy strapless bikini, the top edges of which were barely visible in the snap. Her arm created a wide shadow diagonally across her decolletage and put the depth of her cleavage into a beam of sunshine which made it even more impossible to ignore.

As the clip continued, Lindsey stepped back and displayed the rest of her killer physique while tousling her hair and striking a series of sultry poses. Her breasts bounced enticingly as she moved.

The background showed a sandy ground and a series of rough wooden boards from the underside of a dock, and the loud rise and fall of the ocean from off-camera drowned out all the other noises in the post.

Lindsey blew a kiss before she reached back out to turn the camera off.

Lindsey’s Instagram followers loved the post and eagerly commented on her gorgeous appearance and sexy attitude.

“Word but a good conversation also helps,” one fan suggested, hinting that beauty and brains are the most attractive.

“I’m cured,” a second person declared, following the words with crying-laughing and several heart-eyes emoji.

“Haha, I see what you did there,” a third follower teased, adding the OK hand and toothy-grin symbols afterward.

“Great percentage! Them Louisiana genes are the TRUTH,” a fourth supporter exclaimed, referring to her caption as well as her birthplace.