Katya Elise Henry Gets Soaking Wet In An Outdoor Shower: ‘It’s The Thighs For Me’

Katya Elise Henry clicks a selfie.
Katya Elise Henry / Instagram

Katya Elise Henry took to Instagram on Monday afternoon with a steamy update that delighted her 7.9 million followers. The famously curvy fitness model bared her luscious derriere to the camera wearing a bikini and sprayed her body with fresh water from an outdoor shower at the beach. The post racked up almost 56,000 likes in less than 40 minutes after it went live.

Katya — who has recently gained additional fame for pairing up romantically with Miami Heat shooting guard Tyler Herro — tagged her personal brand Kiss My Peach Swimwear for her attire, which featured a sky-blue thong and matching top, of which only the back adjustable straps were visible. A small piece of metal — which was presumably the brand’s logo — was sewn onto the remarkably small triangle of fabric above her impressive cheeks.

Katya stood with her legs together, with her rear end facing the viewer and her back arched. Her pose showcased her thick thighs, which she mentioned in the caption. She rested her left hand against the wide metal base of the shower, displaying her long, manicured nails, which were painted the same shade as her bikini.

She tipped her chin up as high as possible, and with her right hand, she held the narrow hose of the removable shower head nozzle high above her head. She let the fine jet of water spray down her long, dark hair and drip in long rivulets across her smooth, tanned skin.

The tiny droplets in the air were illuminated by bright sunshine and frozen in the air by the camera’s quick shutter speed. One particularly vivid stream of water was captured pouring off the outside of her left booty cheek, seemingly created from the amount of liquid running off the ends of her tresses, which were plastered against her backside.

Katya accessorized with silver hoop earrings and sunglasses with petite frames and delicate metal arms.

The stunning background was partially obstructed by the even more enthralling view of her hourglass figure, but few glimpses of the ocean were still visible in the distance. The color transitioned from a pale green hue nearest to the shore to a rich turquoise shade as it deepened.

Her upper body was framed by an electric blue sky, which was clear with the exception of a section of billowing clouds along the horizon.

A tropical bush with wide, round leaves filled out the bottom right portion of the image, against which the corner of a white sign with red lettering reading “please watch your step” leaned.