Russian Model Polina Malinovskaya Toys With Her Wraparound Bikini In Mexico: ‘Wasn’t Born To Please You’

Polina Malinovskaya snaps a selfie.
Polina Malinovskaya / Instagram

Instagram sensation Polina Malinovskaya took to her social media account on Monday afternoon with a trio of snaps that started the week off splendidly for her 2.1 million followers. The stunning blonde wore a skimpy white bathing suit that showcased her deep, bronzed tan and taunted fans with a saucy comment in the caption.

Polina’s simple bikini was embellished with strategically-placed gold rings and a series of decorative straps with beaded, fringed ends that lent additional visual appeal to the garments. The triangle cups were connected with one of the rings at the center of her chest, to which a pair of long strings were also attached. These pieces wrapped diagonally around the outsides of her rib cage, crossing one another in the back, and then made up large bow just above her navel.

In the second picture, Polina brought both hands to her midsection and seductively pulled part of her suit away from her body while gazing at the camera with parted lips and piercing eyes the same color as the tempestuous sky behind her.

The ends of the bow behind her neck were pulled forward over one shoulder to show off the beaded detailing, which was a mottled jade color. A small outline of a heart was visible tattooed between her pert breasts.

The matching bottoms fit low across Polina’s hips. A pair of metal circles resting against the outer sides of her lower belly linked the main body of the piece to adjustable ties, the ends of which dangled against her thighs.

Polina’s long, golden tresses appeared to be damp with saltwater from the turquoise ocean lapping onto the untouched beach on which she stood. A few temptingly messy sections of hair framed her face, and the rest was swept back over her shoulders.

The outsides of her thighs and her knees were dusted with pale sand, further indicating that she had been swimming prior to the photo shoot.

Her only accessory appeared to be a black fabric hair tie that encircled her right upper arm.

According to her geotag, Polina was at a small luxury resort in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico – a place that seems to be a popular destination for many seductive social media celebrities. Just a few weeks ago, The Inquisitr shared a post in which model Khloe Terae stripped all the way down for a crystal healing massage at another spa in the tropical beach town. Khloe covered her derriere with a tiny towel and snapped a selfie as she flaunted her bare breasts.