Rachel Cook Goes Braless & Kneels On All Fours In Revealing Fishnet Bodysuit

Rachel Cook attends an event in Los Angeles
Rochelle Brodin / Getty Images

Rachel Cook shared a sultry snapshot with her 2.9 million Instagram fans on Sunday. She teased everybody with a sexy pose and titillating ensemble that prompted a massive response from her followers.

The photo seemed to be taken in a garage, with the closed door behind Rachel. She appeared to be kneeling on all fours on a brown carpet as she teasingly posed for the photographer.

The Playboy model had frequently worn a wig in many of her recent shots, and that was the case once again here. The wig consisted of brown locks with blond highlights, and the straight hair teasingly tumbled over her breasts.

Rachel wore a fishnet black bodysuit that highlighted her exquisite physique. She wore white knee-high socks along with black sneakers on her feet that could be seen kicked up behind her booty.

The 25-year-old hottie looked to the side as she posed for the snapshot. She was on her knees and leaned forward to brace herself on her hands as she teased her fans with this provocative look.

The mesh garment had long sleeves and a high neckline. It was daringly revealing from top to bottom, although Rachel carefully positioned herself to keep this just barely within the modesty restrictions for the social media site.

It appeared that Rachel wore absolutely nothing under this bodysuit. She was braless, and her busty assets were barely contained by the fishnet mesh fabric that clung to her body. She had strands of her hair placed carefully and specifically to cover just the bare necessities of her breasts.

Rachel arched her back and twisted slightly to the side to highlight her trim waistline and perky booty. Her long, lean legs and curvy hips were fully exposed, and again, her position carefully managed to hide any NSFW areas of her lower body.

“Looking awesome Rachel!!” one fan raved.

“Damn beautiful,” a follower declared.

“Too hot this time,” a third user noted.

“You really reach perfection,” someone else determined.

While Rachel often shares sultry photos exposing various parts of her jaw-dropping figure, this shot seemed especially alluring. In just a day, the picture had received about 210,000 likes and 1,670 comments.

It appeared the huge reaction made this Rachel’s most popular post in the past couple of weeks. It’s not all that often she has something that exceeds 200,000 likes, but she has been on a bit of a roll in that regard this month.

A lingerie snap a couple of weeks ago slightly outperformed this bodysuit shot, as more than 210,000 people liked the post. Another upload from earlier this month that included two pictures showcasing Rachel’s figure in a white bikini had nearly 230,000 likes.