Salma Hayek Pulls Off Her Shirt And Dances In A Montage Of Her Sexiest Moments

Salma Hayek wears a plunging blue gown.
Amy Sussman / Getty Images

Hollywood star Salma Hayek stunned her 16.6 million Instagram followers after posting a montage that showed off her prowess as a dancer in some of the sexiest clips from her movie career.

In the caption, the Once Upon A Time In Mexico actress explained that she decided to post numerous dancing clips in honor of the invention of the jukebox, which was first invented on November 23, 1899.

The video opened with Salma leaning against a white wall and then waving to the camera as salsa music began to play. Next, a montage of her dancing scenes commenced. In the first clip, she danced while dressed down in a casual T-shirt and sweatpants while in a living room.

The post soon cut to a clip of Salma portraying the character of Esmeralda in the 1997 film The Hunchback of Notre Dame. While sporting traditional Roma attire and untamed curly hair, she lifted her arms and circled her wrists as she moved her hips and twisted around with the picturesque cathedral in the background.

Next came a scene where Salma danced in a tiny crop while up on the stage of a bar — even flashing the audience at one point.

In another scene, she tore off a white Oxford shirt to reveal a gray metallic bra underneath. She then swung her shirt around her while jumping on a sofa and tugging at a male companion to join in the fun.

Up next was footage from the film Studio 54, where Salma danced while singing a New Year’s Eve song and wearing a headpiece and retro metallic leotard.

Another scene from the 1997 film Fools Rush In showed Salma dancing in a halter sundress while cooking in the kitchen.

Though there were more dances included in the montage, the most iconic was arguably the dance in From Dusk till Dawn. Salma moved her hips while wearing a feathered headpiece and sporting a large snake around her shoulders.

Fans went wild over the new upload and quickly awarded the post over 70,000 likes and more than 1,200 comments.

“She is my favorite dancer…ever. What an amazing woman,” one awestruck user gushed, emphasizing the sentiment with a red heart symbol.

“Wooooow!!! You are FIRE girl,” a second person raved.

“Amazing, sexy, nice. My favorite clip of them all, the one I’ll never forget, is From Dawn till Dusk,” a third fan added.

“You’re gorgeous. Apparently there’s a couple movies of your I haven’t seen yet. Probably need to remedy that, lol. Have a great week,” a fourth admirer wished, concluding the comment with a thumbs-up emoji.

As covered by The Inquisitr, Salma recently floored social media over the weekend after modeling a very low-cut white dress while wishing her friend Goldie Hawn a happy birthday.