Bri Teresi Looks Like A Sexy Vixen While Going Braless Underneath A White Tank Top

Bri Teresi poses for a photo.
Tommaso Boddi / Getty Images

Bri Teresi teased her legion of fans by sharing another revealing snap that saw her in skimpy attire. The Monday afternoon upload has instantly attracted a ton of attention from her eager audience.

The photo captured Bri standing in the center of the frame. A geotag indicated that she was in Malibu, California, where she posed in front of a field of tall brush. The model faced her chest toward the camera, popping her hip out to show off her fit physique. She averted her gaze off-camera and had her lips slightly parted. In the caption, Bri asked fans to comment on what they think she may be looking at.

She chose a coordinating outfit that hugged her in all the right ways. On her upper half, Bri sported a white tank top with a crew neckline. Her hair fell over its straps, and the sexy cut showcased her slender arms. The model playfully tugged at the bottom of the shirt, gathering the fabric between her fingers and lifting it up as she revealed her toned abs to her audience. To up the ante even further, she went braless underneath the top, exposing the silhouette of her chest underneath.

Bri paired the top with a skimpy skirt that showed more than it covered. The sexy red piece had a tiered fabric that gave it a cheerleader vibe. It had a thick, elastic waistband that was worn low on Bri’s hips, accentuating her trim frame. The bottom hemline hit high on her leg, exposing a glimpse of her muscular thighs.

She wore her long, blond locks with a center part, and they cascaded messily over her back and shoulders. Bri kept her accessories simple, rocking only a pair of dainty earrings that provided just the right amount of bling.

In her caption, Bri credited her photographer for the sexy shot.

It has not taken long for social media users to express their love for the update. As of this writing, the post has only been live on Bri’s page for an hour, but it’s already earned more than 3,500 likes and 170-plus comments. Most fans were quick to compliment her rock-hard abs while a few more struggled to find the right words, commenting with emoji instead. A few more replied to her caption, joking about what she is “looking at.”

“You looking at a golf ball, and saying ‘I’m about to putt this ball all the way across the field and finally get that hole in one,'” one fan suggested.

“I think you’re looking at an animal just roaming,” a second chimed in, adding a single flame.

“You’re a pretty girl and I love your pictures,” a third gushed.