Iconic Model Bo Derek, 64, Shares Throwback Photo ‘Doing Something A Bit Daring’

Bo Derek arrives at the 2019 WildAid Gala at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel on November 09, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California
Amanda Edwards / Getty Images

Actress and model Bo Derek celebrated her 64th birthday on November 22 and took to Instagram on Sunday evening to commemorate the event with a throwback image which showed some courageous and skillful behavior.

She thanked her social media followers in the caption for their kind celebratory wishes and confessed that she is more inclined these days toward photos of her younger self. Almost 1,000 fans expressed their appreciation for the share by hitting the “like” button in the first hour of the post going live.

The snapshot showed Bo outdoors in bright sunshine, riding atop two bay-colored horses, standing with one foot balanced on each of their backs. One of the several hashtags she added in the caption defined the style in which she mounted the magnificent animals as “roman riding.”

Bo clutched their reins in her hands, with both arms extended and level with her thighs. She turned her toes out and bent her knees slightly to maintain balance, with her hips square and shoulders even with her knees. She looked down with an expression of intense concentration and a small smile across her lips.

Bo wore a loose-fitting, light-wash denim shirt which was partially unbuttoned down the front to show off a bit of her tanned décolletage. The long sleeves were rolled halfway up her forearms.

The garment was tucked into a pair of tight-fitting blue jeans, most of which were obscured by her saffron-colored chaps. They fit as snugly as her pants across her hips and thighs, then flared out around the lower half of her legs. The outside seams were embellished with long, decorative rows of fringe.

The tips of her shoes indicated that she was not wearing boots to complete the ensemble, but instead something that resembled white sneakers with soft, flat soles.

Although her equine companions were not wearing saddles, they did have black saddle pads with white stitching buckled around their bodies. One of the creatures had a white nose and one bright blue eye which stared directly at the camera.

Bo credited late husband John Derek for the picture and linked to his posthumous Instagram page, which features a compilation of his photography.

Bo’s Instagram supporters loved the post and filled her comments section with sweet compliments.

“Happy birthday gorgeous! You make this world a better place just being in it! Have an amazing day,” one fan exclaimed.

“It’s always good to remember! Love the pic!” a second person encouraged.

“Happy Birthday you beautiful Sagittarius Soul..Much more happiness to you -live & love to the fullest,” a third follower remarked.