Maryland’s Republican Governor Blasts Donald Trump’s Handling Of Coronavirus: ‘Stop Golfing And Concede’

Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally.
ZACH GIBSON / Getty Images

Donald Trump is coming under fire from his own party. Recently, Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan offered some harsh criticism of the president’s handling of the coronavirus and refusal to concede his loss in the presidential race.

Trump took to Twitter on Sunday to share a Breitbart report that accused “anti-Trump hero” Hogan of paying for a flawed coronavirus test from South Korea to be used in his state. The report noted that the tests were never used after it was found they were flawed, and the right-leaning outlet offered an apparent dig at Hogan.

“The media celebrated Maryland’s Republican governor as a hero in April — and a contrast to President Donald Trump — after he directed his state to buy 500,000 coronavirus tests from South Korea, greeting the delivery in person at the airport,” the report noted.

In sharing the story, Trump referred to Hogan as a “Republican in name only” and offered some more personal criticism.

“Hogan is just as bad as the flawed tests he paid big money for!” he tweeted.

Donald Trump speaks outside the White House.
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Hogan shot back, accusing the president of failing to come up with a national response to the pandemic and instead forcing states to come up with it on their own. He then made a dig at Trump’s insistence that he was the real winner of the presidential race and his refusal to concede to Joe Biden.

“If you had done your job, America’s governors wouldn’t have been forced to fend for themselves to find tests in the middle of a pandemic, as we successfully did in Maryland,” he wrote.

“Stop golfing and concede.”

While his criticism may have been centered more on Trump’s handling of the pandemic, Hogan’s reference to the election makes him the latest member of the GOP to break with the president in his insistence that he won the race. As NPR reported, Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey also called on him to accept the outcome of the election and set into motion the transition process. In a statement released on Saturday, Toomey said that Trump’s campaign had exhausted all legal options after they had suffered a significant setback in the Keystone State, with a judge throwing out their attempt to overturn the results of the election vote there.

Others joined Hogan in criticizing Trump for his frequent trips to the golf course, which included visits to his company’s course during both days of the weekend — with the commander in chief even skipping a meeting of world leaders at the virtual G-20 summit to do so.