Abby Dowse Brandishes Thong-Clad Booty In Steamy Poolside Snapshot

Fitness model and Instagram star Abby Dowse posesfor a mirrored gym selfie.
Abby Dowse / Instagram

Abby Dowse — the Australian model and Instagram star known for her gym-honed physique — has provided her 2.5 million followers with a stunning new look at her perky posterior. With her photo update on Sunday, November 22, the 31-year-old fitness influencer set her social media profile ablaze by appearing poolside in shades and a skimpy string bikini that largely failed to conceal her ample assets.

Due to the downward angle of the shot and her tummy-down pose, Dowse’s thong-clad booty held a prominent position in the middle third of the photo frame.

The Sydney, New South Wales, product captioned her sexy share by looking back fondly on a “chill” weekend and conceding that the time to “get back on the grind” was fast approaching. She also tagged Sobe Shades for providing the stylish, large-framed sunglasses she wore in the snap.

Meanwhile, her enamored admirers were inspired to give props for Dowse’s sultry display in the comments section.

“The grind gotta be addictive when it has you looking like that,” wrote one particularly impressed fan.

“Amazing week and an amazing view right now,” added a second supporter.

“Never get tired of seeing you in a bikini,” confessed another smitten commenter.

“Abby your booty goals are paying off,” opined a fourth follower. “So juicyyyyy.”

Dowse’s fans further voiced their approval for the post by double-tapping it at a breakneck pace. In just 30 short minutes after the update went live on her feed, it had racked up an incredible 7,000-plus likes.

The whole of Dowse’s tight, athletic body filled the frame as she posed with her stomach and thighs resting flat against a large, gray-and-white beach towel. Her arms were bent at the elbows, which propelled her head and shoulders into an upward position. Meanwhile, her lower legs crisscrossed as she suspended them above the rest of her lower half.

Dowse’s full, pink lips were parted seductively as they glistened in the natural light. Her eyes could just be seen peering into the camera through the tinted monolens of her glasses. Finally, her golden blond hair was pulled messily into a bun on top of her head, and she further accessorized with multiple gold chains and a cross charm.

The minuscule nature of her two-piece swimsuit allowed for a sizable showing of her famously sun-kissed skin. However, none of her alluring features matched the gravity of her heart-shaped, nearly-bare derrière, which protruded upward as a result of her pose.

Earlier in the weekend, Dowse dropped jaws with a post that showed her spotlighting her dangerous curves and killer cleavage while sporting a scanty mini-dress as she sat inside a car.