Lauren Dascalo Shows Off Her Cleavage & Abs In Latest Instagram Post

Lauren Dascalo showcased her insanely toned physique in her latest Instagram post, which she shared with her 1 million followers on Saturday, November 21. The fitness model wore a skintight fitness ensemble in the update, which has since been removed.

Lauren sported a brown sports bra and cream-colored clingy cycling shorts, both pieces made of stretchable ribbed fabric. The top boasted a scoop neckline that dipped low on her chest, showing an ample amount of her décolletage. The sportswear had a snug fit on her breasts that made her voluptuous cleavage look more prominent, and the length of the garment allowed her to showcase her rock-hard abs and taut stomach.

The bottoms that she sported clung high to her slim waistline, obscuring her belly button from view. The skintight shorts hugged her every curve, accentuating her fit body, and the colors of her outfit complemented her tanned complexion.

The first pic showed a close-up look at Lauren's sculpted figure. She was standing against a white wall dressed in her sexy sportswear. She positioned her body at a certain angle and placed her right thigh forward. The babe tugged at her bottoms with her thumb, pulling them down to reveal more skin. While her face was not shown in the snap, viewers were still satisfied with what they saw.

In the second photo, Lauren posed sideways and popped her hip to the side. She raised her chin as she grabbed the ends of her hair. Her eyes were closed, and she had a big smile on her face. The bright sunlight made her skin glow.

The third image featured Lauren leaning on the wall with her backside directed to the camera. She bent one of her knees as she gazed at something. Her expression appeared pensive in the shot.

Lauren wore several accessories, including a gold chain necklace and two sets of earrings. She tied her blond locks into pigtail braids.

In the caption, the internet personality wrote something about her latest project. She revealed to her fans that she is launching her "ebook and meal plans" early next year.

The latest upload has earned plenty of praise from her online supporters, as most of them dived into the comments section to shower her with compliments and praise. Many of her followers hit the like button over 18,100 times and left more than 300 comments on the post.

"Aww, you look so cute," a fellow influencer wrote.

"This will be my new phone background. So hot!" another fan commented.

"Are you even real?? You have a perfect body and a beautiful face," a third follower added.