Rachel Cook Shows Off Perky Chest In Sultry, Poolside Bikini Snap

Model, actress and social media influencer Rachel Cook took her nearly 3 million followers to the water with her most recent Instagram update. The Saturday, November 21, post elevated her usual smolder to a higher level as she appeared in a close-up snap that highlighted her picturesque face, brilliant blue eyes and exceedingly perky bustline while she relaxed in a pool.

A second picture, which showed fellow model Lindsay Demyan and another friend joining in on the fun, was included in the upload. However, Cook's stunning presentation made it incredibly difficult to click over to the provocative pictorial's second slide.

The 25-year-old captioned the share by bidding adieu to Cabo San Lucas, a location that has dominated her popular feed in recent days. She also credited her Nirvana Magazine collaborator, photographer Alvin Nguyen, for capturing her likeness with his camera.

In the comments section, the one-time GQ Instagram Girl of the Week was showered with praise by her admirers, who also double-tapped her post to the tune of 20,000-plus likes in under an hour.

"Such an amazing shot," wrote one impressed commenter. "Per usual tho."

"I just love the short hair, u look sp special!!!!" gushed a second follower.

"Wow!!" exclaimed a third fan of Cook's form.

"An incredibly stunning and amazingly beautiful lady."
"Undeniable surreal natural beauty right here," added a fourth fan, who emphasized their feelings with multiple heart-eyed emoji.The majority of the frame was filled by Cook's taut, yet sinuous physique as the camera appeared to have captured her from a tight angle. She could be seen resting her head against the edge of the pool while clutching it with both hands as her upper body appeared to float atop the water. Beneath the pool's scintillating surface, a multitude of cyan-colored tiles provided contrast against the Hunted star's cream-colored skin.

Cook's normally golden-brown hair and its blond highlights were completely dark in the shot as her mane was saturated with moisture. Furthermore, her usually long locks had seemingly been chopped down in the back. Cook completed the look by smiling demurely while keeping her eyes locked onto the camera's lens.

The Seattle, Washington, model's prominent bust was adorned with a skimpy bikini top featuring two rectangular breast cups in baby blue. They were held together by a pair of bright orange strings, one of which was laced together with a bow knot in the front. The garment managed to mask her most intimate areas while accentuating everything else.

Just 24 hours earlier, Cook completely crushed it with another multi-pic post that found her on her knees with her legs spread in a scanty, semi-sheer lingerie ensemble.