Morgan Ketzner Showcases Bare Thigh While Wearing Glamorous Mini Dress On A Night Out

Morgan Ketzner delighted her 614,000 Instagram followers with an unusual sight for them in her most recent share late Saturday afternoon. The prolifically bikini-flaunting model showed off a glamorous look in an elegant rooftop restaurant, which she confirmed in the caption was captured prior to the recent re-closing of nonessential public establishments in Minneapolis, Minnesota, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Morgan credited the clothing brand Revolve for her slinky mini dress, which featured a finely knit black yarn with a subtle wide vertical ribbing. The garment had a mock turtleneck and long, loose sleeves, and she paired it with a narrow brown belt with a gold Louis Vuitton logo buckle.

A small matching handbag that resembled a tiny backpack sat on the chair next to her, and a black, plastic hair clip appeared to be clasped onto the handle.

Morgan sat at the rounded corner of a long, plush booth that appeared to extend several feet behind her. The back of it was lined with a small row of perfectly manicured hedges. An overstuffed gray-and-white striped pillow that matched the neutral tone of the upholstered furniture was placed on the bench at her left side.

She crossed one leg over the other and revealed almost all of her bare thigh beneath the short hem, which she seemingly tugged up even further in the pose. She held a champagne flute in her left hand, which was filled with an orange-pink liquid the color of grapefruit juice. The emoji accompanying her caption showed a pair of clinking glasses, indicating that perhaps the petite model was enjoying a modified mimosa.

Morgan's thigh peeked out from beneath the edge of a gray marbled tabletop, upon which a simple printed menu was placed.

The background behind her seating area showed a sprinkling of other diners against a wall of windows through which a nighttime sky and a row of nearly bare trees with bright, golden uplighting was visible. A trio of glimmering crystal chandeliers was suspended from the ceiling above them.

Morgan's Instagram supporters loved the post and took to her comments section almost immediately.

"Cute and lovely while enjoying a beverage," one fan observed.

"Cheers Sweetie!!" a second follower exclaimed.

"So Beautiful and so Sweet," a third person declared.

Last week, the well-traveled beauty thrilled followers with a beachy snap in Cancun, Mexico. As covered by The Inquisitr, Morgan posed against a stunning backdrop of blue sky and turquoise ocean wearing a remarkably tiny bikini with a vivid tropical print.