‘Mad King’ Donald Trump Is Trying To ‘Overturn Constitutional Rule,’ Claims Watergate Reporter

President Donald Trump speaks to the press in the James Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House.
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in an interview with CNN on Saturday, veteran journalist Carl Bernstein weighed in on President Donald Trump’s behavior in recent weeks, Raw Story reported.

The journalist posited that Trump’s conduct has gotten progressively worse since Election Day — when he lost to Democrat Joe Biden.

Bernstein — who, along with Bob Woodward, exposed the Watergate scandal involving former President Richard Nixon — described the commander-in-chief as a “mad king,” accusing him of attacking American democracy.

“We are watching … the final days of the mad king, and what he is attempting to do to overturn constitutional rule in this country, our constitutional traditions, our democratic traditions of fair election.”

“And he also is trying to undermine the very basis of trust in our electoral institution, which is essential for having democracy,” Bernstein added, apparently referring to Trump’s refusal to accept the outcome of the presidential race.

Bernstein said that Republicans, especially those in the Senate, also think Trump is “mad” even though they have been reluctant to express opposition to the U.S. leader.

He explained that GOP lawmakers are starting to “realize that throwing in their lot with Donald Trump is going to be increasingly a dangerous business.”

The veteran reporter added that Trump is losing his political influence as even those who voted for him in the race against Biden now understand “that his processes are not those of someone who has got his feet firmly planted on the ground.”

In the coming weeks, he predicted, America will see a “diminution” of Trump’s influence.

Bernstein has previously made similar claims. In an interview last week, the journalist said that he often speaks to Senate Republicans, alleging that many of them were actually happy to see Trump lose the presidential race.

However, as Bernstein noted, nearly all GOP lawmakers have embraced the president’s theories about the election and publicly supported his refusal to concede.

There are some exceptions, however. Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, among others, have condemned Trump’s seeming attempts to delegitimize the electoral process.

Polling suggests that Republicans have no political incentive to stand up to Trump. According to Gallup, the commander-in-chief is extraordinarily popular with the conservative base. In October, for instance, his approval rating among voters who identify as Republican was 95 percent.

President Donald Trump leaves a campaign rally at the Kenosha Regional Airport in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
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Despite this, Biden has repeatedly expressed a willingness to collaborate with the GOP once in office. Per The Inquisitr, his transition team is purportedly vetting prominent Republican figures for Cabinet positions.