Lisa Rinna, 57, Declares She's 'Lolita' & Flaunts Cleavage In New Video

Lisa Rinna showcased her sexy cleavage and a dramatic glam look in her latest Instagram share. She declared herself "Lolita," but some of her fans had other ideas about who the 57-year-old TV personality resembled.

"Very Marilyn Monroe, or maybe Sophia Loren, but I'm not really getting a Lolita vibe here," suggested one follower, who added several red lips and hearts.

"Are you kidding me! You look so hot all glammed up. You could not be any more perfect. I'm getting mad Dynasty vibes here," a second devotee declared, including several flames.

"Stunning! You only get better with age. This is how you should always have your hair!! Amazing. You are a brunette Marilyn Monroe," gushed a third Instagram user, who included clapping hands and a heart-kiss emoji.

"I love those lips. They have fascinated me for years, and every time I see them, they're even better. You are glam like no other, Lisa. You truly are the absolute queen of killing it." a fourth fan wrote, adding several prayer hands, a crown, roses, and a blushing smiley.

Lisa's post received a lot of attention from her 2.6 million followers. At least 67,000 viewed it, more than 8,500 hit the like button, and nearly 250 took the time to leave an uplifting comment on the undeniably glamorous look.

In the video, two assistants wearing masks helped primp Lisa's luxurious locks. She wore her short brunette hair, which featured gray highlights, in a teased style that swooped from a side part, artfully framing her face. She wore sparkly hoop earrings that peeked from beneath the sexy hairdo. She pursed her shiny, full lips until she spoke to tell the "boys" hi. One of the men helping complete the glamorous look noted that she was "killing it" as Lisa tittered a high-pitched, closed-mouth laugh.

She wore a shiny black outfit with a sweetheart neckline that plunged in the center, revealing plenty of her ample cleavage and allowing the roundness of her full breasts to push up over the top. Over both shoulders, voluminous puffy sleeves of the same fabric created even more drama for the outfit.

Lisa flirted with the camera and showed off the masterpiece of her face, hair, and outfit from various angles, and she turned to give some credit to the artists helping finish the look. In the background, another assistant worked on the lighting. The whole area behind Lisa had a green screen set up with strategic lights in preparation for an upcoming shoot.