Jessica Killings Jiggles Amazing Bust And Booty In Slow-Motion Jump Rope Video

Fitness model Jessica Killings put some bounce into her most recent Instagram post on Saturday afternoon, thrilling her 1.9 million followers. The stunning brunette mentioned in the caption that she was still beat from filming a fitness challenge recently — several clips from which she shared with her delighted fans, and almost 12,000 of them hit the like button in the first few hours after the video went live.

In the first portion of the update, Jessica was shown jumping rope. The camera started almost directly behind her, then panned slowly around to her left as she maintained a steady pace. Once the camera reached an angle that displayed a glimpse of her profile and one side of her bust, the speed of the video suddenly slowed to give viewers a tantalizing panorama of her incredible physique as she moved.

Jessica's muscular thighs stayed taut as she hopped with her legs together, but her voluptuous backside and breasts jiggled enticingly each time her feet left the ground.

She wore a pair of charcoal gray leggings that clung to her lower body. The garment had a wide waistband upon which the brand logo was printed in white.

Jessica paired them with a cropped athletic top featuring a bright coral fabric, which was connected in the back by two series of straps. One pair crossed in a single X across her mid-back, while the other set involved two pairs of straps that came over both shoulders and were interwoven with one another between her shoulder blades, attaching below her arms on either side.

She finished off the ensemble with a pair of gray, black, and yellow sneakers with a white Nike swoosh on the outside.

Jessica's long hair was pulled into a low looped ponytail that flopped up and down as she jumped, and it appeared that some potential stray tendrils in the front were controlled with a few bobby pins behind her ears.

Several weeks ago, The Inquisitr covered a post in which Jessica embraced her wild side and opted to go topless. She posed in the doorway of a bedroom wearing an animal print ensemble that featured only a skimpy thong and a cowboy hat. She arched her back to emphasize the curve of her famous rear end and covered her bare breasts with a section of her long, straight hair.

Jessica flirtatiously inquired in the caption if fans could guess her height, which generated a wide range of responses. The petite beauty revealed, perhaps surprisingly, that she's barely over 5 feet tall.