Miley Cyrus Spreads Her Legs In Ripped Fishnet Stockings & Tight Leather Bottoms

Miley Cyrus poses for a photo in Malibu.
Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

Miley Cyrus is pulling out all the stops to promote her newest song “Prisoner,” featuring Dua Lipa. The singer’s most recent social media share was added to her feed on November 21, and saw her in a racy outfit.

The photo captured Cyrus posed in the corner of a booth that was topped with a piece of vibrant red leather fabric. The wall at her back was black and filled with colorful graffiti. The signer struck a seductive pose, spreading her legs for the camera and kicking one foot directly in front of her while tucking the opposite in near her thigh. She titled her head to the side and parted her lips, flashing her teeth for the camera. Cyrus’ mouth was dripping with what appeared to be fake blood that trailed all the way down her top.

She opted for a skimpy ensemble that showed off her bombshell body. On her upper half, the former Disney star sported a white crop. The garment was sleeveless, allowing her to flaunt her muscular arms for the camera. The bottom hemline hit a few inches above Cyrus’ black bra. The sexy undergarment was constructed of satin and had an underwire-style bottom. The look allowed the singer to show off a tease of cleavage — something her fans didn’t seem to mind. She added a tiger-print jacket that had a silky lining and draped off of her shoulders.

The lower half of her ensemble was just as hot. Cyrus wore a pair of leather bottoms that were cut like a swimsuit, showing off her killer legs. The front was similar to that of a corset, lacing up her trim tummy and highlighting her tiny midsection. She added a pair of torn fishnet stockings, which gave the look a grunge vibe. Cyrus also rocked a pair of high heels.

She accessorized with a set of silver necklaces and wore her short blond locks in a messy style. As of this writing, the post has only been live on her feed for a short time, but it’s earned over 210,000 likes and 1,700-plus comments. Some users raved over her figure while a few more expressed their excitement over the song.

“Are we really going to ignore the fact you are THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD??” one follower wrote.

“You look gorgeous queen love you,” a second fan complimented, adding a few red hearts to their words.

“OMg you are a queen and we are not worthy of you,” gushed another user.

“Princess of my life,” a fourth admirer chimed in with a series of flames.