Demi Rose Rocks Instagram With Undulating Booty In Stunning Snorkeling Reel

Runway star and social media maven Demi Rose gave her 15.2 million Instagram followers a whole new look at her shapely physique with her most recent full-motion share. The post, which went live on her timeline on Saturday afternoon, included an underwater capture of the diminutive 25-year-old snorkeling in a skimpy, neon green bikini set.

Even as the back-side angle of the shot limited the viewable scope of her body, Demi nonetheless electrified the frame as her famously plump posterior appeared to jiggle and sway seductively along with the motion of her body in the water.

In the accompanying caption, Demi wrote that she had been reminiscing about "magical times" she had during a recent extended trip to the Maldives. And while her popular feed was flush with sexy snapshots and video clips taken during her South Asian excursion throughout the summer and fall, the model's latest upload may have been the most alluring to date.

The Birmingham, England product's admirers were clearly taken with the presentation, bombarding the comments section with 800-plus replies in under an hour. The majority of the comments effusively praised the way in which her sinuous figure reacted to its surroundings while she was fully submerged.

"Must be jelly cause jam don't shake like that," joked one commenter.

"Omg," raved a second supporter.

"I love the way it jiggles."
"Damn the first 5 seconds are the most magical times," added another enamored admirer.

"I know this [is] a wholesome post but sheeeesh that thang movinggg," raved a fourth fan.

Demi's followers further engaged with her post by double-tapping it well more than 60,000 times over the same span.

As the reel began, the Ben Böhmer remix of Monolink's song "Father Ocean" could be heard, providing the backing audio. In the meantime, Demi was shown diving downward from the water's surface with a diving mask and snorkel covering her face. Once she became fully submerged in the blue-green ocean, her bountiful, heart-shaped derrière could be seen undulating along with her in slow motion.

Although her hindquarters were adorned by a bikini bottom, the stringy, neon-toned thong acted as more of a flourish than something that would actually provide any coverage.

Just before the video reached its loop point, the footage cut to a lingering shot of a black and white manta ray as it moved through the water. In the background, other shadowy figures could be seen swimming along with it.

Less than 24 hours before breaking the internet with her incredible underwater video, Demi was similarly stunning in an update that found her flaunting her ample, practically bare bustline in nothing but an open letterman jacket.