Jade Grobler Flashes Her Round Booty In An Animal-Print Bikini On Instagram

Jade Grobler titillated her 1 million-plus Instagram followers on Friday, November 20, with a smoking hot snapshot that featured her pert derriere. In the new post, the South African model rocked an animal-print bikini that showcased her killer body.

As Jade took a trip around Australia, she made sure to record all of the memories, taking and posting photos in every location. She spiced things up by wearing skimpy outfits such as bikinis and lingerie in most of the pictures. This latest update was no different as she sported scanty swimwear that left little to the imagination.

The influencer wore a leopard-print, two-piece swimsuit. Due to her stance, the front side of her top was not visible in the snap. However, it was seen in another Instagram photo.

The cups were padded and secured her buxom curves in place. The deep neckline displayed a nice view of her decolletage, and the snug fit of the piece pushed her breasts inward, which made her cleavage look more noticeable.

She paired the top with matching bikini bottoms. The swimwear had a V-shaped cut, with the waistline resting several inches below her belly button. The thong exposed plenty of skin around her midsection, particularly her taut stomach and abs. The waistband highlighted her hips, and the back portion flaunted her round posterior.

In the image, Jade was photographed in her sexy bathing suit, posing on a balcony. She stood with her toned backside facing the camera and placed her hands on the railing. Her hair was windswept, and some of the strands blocked her face. She looked over her shoulder, gazing straight into the camera, and offered a smile.

The ocean and some nearby islands were seen in the background. Several buildings that looked like houses and trees were also evident in the shot.

Jade wore her long blond locks loose and let most of the strands fall on her back.

The babe paired the pic with a short caption. In less than a day of being published on the popular social media platform, the share gained more than 22,900 likes and over 280 comments. Fans dove into the comments section and wrote compliments. Most of them praised her lovely features, including her perky booty. Others had a hard time expressing their admiration for the model through words. Instead, they dropped a mix of emoji.

One of her followers called her "Jade the Explorer" in the comments.

"You are so beautiful," gushed another admirer, adding a red heart emoji at the end of the comment.

"Living your best life! Keep doing what you love. We are here to support you all the way," a third fan wrote.