Former WWE Host Renee Paquette Reacts To Jon Moxley Announcing Their Pregnancy Without Her Permission

Renee Paquette -- formerly known as WWE's Renee Young -- was just as shocked as everyone else when her husband Jon Moxley announced her pregnancy on the latest episode of AEW Dynamite.

In a recent interview with People, the former WWE host revealed that her husband decided to tell the world that they were expecting a child on his own accord. However, she assured everyone that she wasn't mad about the way in which the news came out.

"We are so beyond excited to start this new chapter, and now finally having the world know feels like a weight has been lifted off my chest. I am the worst at keeping fun secrets! However, I definitely couldn't have predicted that the world would have found out on AEW Dynamite. I was thinking about all of these cute different ways that we could break the news to everyone and then bam, Jon just haphazardly spills the beans on Dynamite! But we're a kinda no-frills couple, so I guess it actually fit perfectly."
Paquette went on to say that the couple currently doesn't know if the child is going to be a girl or a boy. However, they have selected a few names for both, though she claimed that they haven't been able to decide on anything definitive at this time. According to Paquette, naming another human being is a lot of "pressure."The former WWE host did say that the name will probably be something traditional, so fans shouldn't expect them to be one of those celebrity couples that give their offspring more extravagant monikers.

Paquette also said that she and Moxley have known about her pregnancy for a few weeks now. While the gender has yet to be confirmed, she revealed that her instincts are telling her that it's a girl.

As the People report documented, Paquette is launching a new podcast in the coming days. Titled Oral Sessions, the first episode will drop this coming Tuesday. Moxley has been announced as her very first guest.

She is also releasing a cookbook, Messy In The Kitchen: My Guide to Eating Deliciously, Hosting Fabulously and Sipping Copiously, next year.

Paquette has been keeping busy since leaving Vince McMahon's sports entertainment promotion. As The Inquisitr previously reported, she decided to part ways with the company as she felt she wasn't being utilized properly.

While she has other projects cooking at the moment, some wrestling fans and pundits expect Paquette to join her husband in AEW down the line.