WWE Bombshell Lana Flaunts Perfect Legs & Smooches Husband Miro In Latest Photo Collection

Lana rocks a black and white tank top while posing for a shoot

WWE superstar Lana took to Instagram on Friday, November 20, and treated her 3.7 million followers to a series of dazzling snaps. While some of the pictures depicted “The Ravishing Russian” on her own, a couple also featured her getting cosy with her husband, Miro.

Lana wore a multi-colored dress for the occasion. The outfit boasted a bright selection of colors, including blue, yellow, green and orange. The attire also contained a slit down the left side that revealed the blond bombshell’s enviable legs. She topped the outfit off with a pair of white sandals.

In the first snap, Lana sat in a blue chair enjoying a glass of rose wine. She had her legs crossed, revealing an ample amount of leg in the process. Her blond wavy hair fell to one side as she posed for the snap.

The second photo featured Miro — rocking bright swimming shorts and a white tank top — with his muscular arms wrapped around his wife’s waist. He held her tight as they both closed their eyes and exchanged a romantic kiss. Lana still held on to her glass of wine as she smooched the AEW star.

Miro showed off the goofier side of his personality in the third upload. In the shot, he rested his muscular leg across Lana’s slim thigh and smiled in a sultry manner for the camera. Lana lifted her left leg in the air for the shot, unable to contain her laughter.

The final photo was similar to the first, featuring Lana sitting down and smiling as she enjoyed her beverage. However, the picture was taken from an overhead position and saw “The Ravishing Russian” looking up at the camera as she flashed her pearly white teeth.

Lana revealed that the photos were taken three months ago, and she challenged her followers to guess where they were captured at the time.

The uploads went down a treat with the couple’s admirers. As of this writing, the collection has received over 20,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

While many of their fans guessed that the images were captured in Bulgaria — which is Miro’s native land — most of them took the opportunity to compliment Lana on her stunning appearance.

“Lana and Miro are perfect together,” gushed one Instagram user.

Another Instagrammer referred to the WWE superstar as a “Fashion Queen.”

Several commenters simply described her as “beautiful” or used likeminded adjectives to send good vibes her way.

The married couple has dazzled their social media followers more than once lately. As The Inquisitr previously documented, they sent social media into a frenzy during Halloween season when they dressed up in anime-inspired costumes.