Liz Katz Shares Jaw-Dropping Throwback Inspired By ‘My Hero Academia,’ Says It’s ‘The Quirkiest Of All’

Liz Katz snaps a selfie.
Liz Katz / Instagram

Cosplay model Liz Katz took her 1.3 million Instagram followers on a fun throwback journey on Friday. She paid tribute to the series My Hero Academia with a look inspired by the fan-favorite character Izuku Midoriya. Her fans wasted no time showing their appreciation for this sexy look.

This wasn’t the first time Liz had turned to My Hero Academia for inspiration. In fact, she had shared a different look at this same Izuku ensemble some time ago.

In her previous shot, Liz faced the camera and tugged down the center of her bikini top. She spread her legs apart and squatted down low as she gazed seductively at the photographer.

Liz’s Friday shot showed her wearing the same ensemble and it seemed to be from the same photo shoot. The pose, however, was just different enough to garner attention once more.

The cosplay queen squatted down low, resting her booty on the heels of her red sneakers. Her knees were spread apart and she settled one gloved hand on a knee. Liz’s other hand was braced against the wall to her side.

The bikini top not only revealed a lot of cleavage, it also showcased a fair amount of underboob. Her pose accentuated her lean legs and slender waist, as well as her chiseled abs.

In her caption, she teased that the outfit was pretty quirky. It certainly was a sexy and unique take on the character of Izuku, though fans were quick to embrace her version.

About 37,000 likes and 300 comments poured in over the span of just a few hours. Quite a few people questioned how she could look this incredible after having recently had a baby.

However, a follow-up comment from her pointed out that this wasn’t a new picture. She quipped that it would be impossible for any mortal to bounce back that quickly. A number of her fans also referenced her beau, YouTube star H2O Delirious, suggesting they thought he was a pretty lucky guy.

“You look absolutely beautiful,” one fan praised.

“Looking good. Almost thought this was post baby,” another noted.

“Jeez why are u so pretty,” questioned a third follower.

“Extremely hot and beautiful,” someone else raved.

When Liz first posted a glimpse of this costume about a year ago, upwards of 46,000 people liked it and 300 commented. By the looks of things, this Friday update might ultimately generate even more buzz among the cosplay queen’s enamored followers.