Katelyn Runck Embraces ‘Star Wars’ Vibe Wearing Skintight Ensemble: ‘Are You The Droids I’m Looking For?’

Katelyn Runck poses for a photograph
Courtesy Photo

Fitness model Katelyn Runck thrilled her 2.4 million Instagram followers with her most recent share on Friday, in which she sported a sultry two-piece outfit that channeled a classic science-fiction feel and left fans wanting more.

The busty social media celebrity geotagged her location as Tatooine — a fictional desert planet that was the home of Luke Skywalker — and paraphrased a well-known quote from Obi-Wan Kenobi in the original Star Wars film.

Katelyn wore a long-sleeved white crop top with a high collar. It had a black zipper all the way up the front and was embellished with narrow black stripes that wrapped beneath her torso and around both arms.

In the first snap, she left the top zipped down to reveal her cleavage and pulled both halves of the garment open to expose the tops of her breasts.

Her matching pants had a high waistband that covered her navel and was cinched tight with a belt featuring a metal slide clasp. The striped detailing on the top was carried down to the lower half of her pantsuit, forming outlines in the shape of her front pockets.

The mantra “challenge yourself” was printed in tiny capital letters along the line on her left thigh.

A scrunchie around her right wrist peeked out from beneath the cuff of her sleeve.

Katelyn’s Instagram followers loved the post and they eagerly took to the comments section to express their adoration for her stunning appearance. In the first afternoon after the photo was uploaded, it garnered over 20,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

“Love that outfit. Very Storm trooper like. You look amazing in it. Hope you have a great Friday,” one fan praised.

“I like The reference to Star Wars,” a second person remarked.

“Why yes I am,” a third supporter teased, referring to her inquiry in the caption.

“You’re my favorite person in the world. Absolutely stunning,” a fourth follower raved.

Just a few days ago, Katelyn thrilled fans with a tantalizing post that encouraged them to hone their close-up reading skills. The buxom brunette wore a sheer unbuttoned shirt featuring an abstract newspaper print and paired it with a skimpy black thong.

She tied the shirt in a knot just below her impressive bust and let one side drape off of her shoulder, revealing that she was not wearing anything beneath.

Her pose showcased her taut abdominal and thigh muscles, as well as her rounded bust. To date, the share has racked up almost 34,000 likes.