Chelsea Handler Hits The Gym With Bedhead While Nibbling On A McDonald’s Hash Brown

Chelsea Handler attends The 2020 MAKERS Conference on February 11, 2020 in Los Angeles, California.
Rachel Murray / Getty Images

Chelsea Handler took to Instagram on Friday afternoon with a comical update that exhibited her sassy attitude, giving her 4 million followers a good laugh. The often-controversial comedian sported athletic attire in the short video but appeared less than enthusiastic about beginning her workout routine. Over 230,000 fans viewed the post in the first hour after it was uploaded.

In the still image introducing the clip, Chelsea stood in front of a long Pilates bench topped with sections of purple padded vinyl. The small room featured a floor-to-ceiling mirror on one wall, and a large window through which green foliage could be seen. A pink exercise ball sat on the wood floor in the corner behind her, and above that, a large, flat-screen television displayed a news program featuring Sen. Dick Durbin.

Chelsea wore a loose-fitting, lavender T-shirt with an orange graphic print across the front. She also wore black leggings and black sneakers with matching purple, white, and turquoise accents.

A brown paper bag was placed on the table directly in front of her – partially hidden from view by her slender frame.

In one hand, she held an unwrapped piece of yellow wax paper in which an additional paper sleeve was nestled. In the other, she clutched half of a hash brown in her fingers. She turned her upper body slightly and looked over her left shoulder with wide eyes and a slightly puffed cheek, indicating she had been caught in the process of snacking on the salty treat.

Chelsea’s expression relayed her snarky comment in the caption, in which she also tagged her personal trainer, Los Angeles-based Ben Bruno. Presumably, it was Ben’s voice that was heard chastising Chelsea during the video for her choice of pre-workout consumption, as well as for her disheveled hairstyle. Her shoulder-length blond tresses appeared as if she had just rolled out of bed without brushing them, particularly at the back of her head.

As Ben teasingly berated her, she continued chewing slowly while staring deadpan at the camera, then silently turned her back to him and faced the television. The tiniest glimpse of a grin may have been visible at one point during the interaction.

Chelsea’s fans loved the post and flooded the comments section almost immediately.

“Oh no baby! Let me come for a blowout lol,” a hairstylist suggested.

“This was AFTER a blowout,” Chelsea replied.

“Blunt and McDonald’s is the best morning routine change my mind…” one fan declared.

“That’s my pre-workout meal,” the comedian responded.

A post covered by The Inquisitr last month noted that Chelsea does indeed like to begin the day with a little herbal pick-me-up.