Kathie Lee Gifford, 67, Reveals Why She Won't Use Dating Apps To Find Love

Victoria Miller

Kathie Lee Gifford said she's not using technology to look for love.

The 67-year-old TV personality and author opened up about her not-so-active dating life in an interview for Peacock, where she admitted she would only want to find new love organically.

Kathie Lee revealed that when people ask her if she's looking for love, she says she's not "actively" looking for it.

"I can't go on Web sites, and you know, dating apps and all that kind of stuff." the former Today show co-host said, per Page Six.

Kathie Lee was married to legendary NFL player and announcer Frank Gifford for 29 years until his death in 2015. In the new interview, she revealed that she met her future husband backstage at Good Morning America when he was getting ready to go on the air as a guest host in the early morning hours.

"I looked over at somebody in the dressing room, the best set of buns I've ever seen in my life, just leaned over a sink, putting in contact lenses. I was supposed to be in that hallway that day; he was supposed to be in that room, putting in contact lenses."

"We were supposed to be. " Kathie Lee said of her relationship with Frank. "And I'd rather anything that happens in my life for the rest of my life to be organic and authentic that way, too."

While she won't use apps or websites to find her perfect match, Kathie Lee did dip her toes into the dating pool at least one time after her husband's death. The mom-of-two told People that she went on a date, but it didn't work out because her suitor didn't share her Christian faith.

She also told the outlet that when it comes to finding a potential mate, she's not interested in something that isn't "magnificent."

In an interview last year on Access Live, available to view on YouTube, Kathie Lee revealed that she was friends with Frank for four years before they fell in love. It's unclear how long after the romantic part came after the "buns" sighting, but more than three decades later, she would be happy with a guy who has another important body "part."

Kathie Lee told Access that as long as the mutual faith connection is there, she's open to finding love with anybody that "has their own teeth."