Rachel Cook Completely Smolders In Scanty Semi-Sheer Lingerie Set

Model and social media maven Rachel Cook served up a double dose of eye candy for her 2.9 million Instagram followers on Friday, updating her feed with two sexy shares. In the latter post, the Hunted star achieved an all-new level of sizzle with an ultra-revealing slideshow where she posed in an alluring black lingerie set while resting on her knees atop a bed.

Due to the minuscule nature of her bra and panties, as well as the semi-sheer fabric that both garments were made from, Cook showed a lot of skin in her latest spread.

The 25-year-old captioned the pictures by promoting some exclusive content on her official website. However, her fans appeared to have been sufficiently excited by the sneak preview as they took to the comments section en masse to share their affection for her.

"You're so perfect," one particularly enamored commenter raved. "Stunning beauty."

"Radiant, Stunning, Gorgeous: 3 words to describe @rachelc00k," a second user wrote.

"My face literally brightens up whenever your new post notification pops up on my phone's screen," another faithful follower confessed.

"Awesome pics Rachel," a fourth fan raved. "You look great with long hair."

Cook's admirers further engaged with her post by double-tapping it at an incredible rate. Within just two hours of going live, it had already soared past the 50,000-like mark.

The opening slide of Cook's share featured her on her knees with her legs spread and her shins folded back beneath her thighs. Meanwhile, she braced her weight in the front by pressing both of her hands into a pillow before her.

Her golden-brown highlighted hair gave off a luster in the light as it blanketed her perky bosom on the right side. The model's pink lips and baby blue eyes similarly scintillated in the shot.

Although a series of straps across her breast cup helped cover up her modesty, the mesh-like material of her bra simultaneously added some sultry vibes.

Cook struck a similar pose in the second picture. However, her body was shown from a closer range. Consequently, her prominent bustline and taut, gym-honed physique could be seen in much greater detail. She also played with the ends of her hair in an impish manner as she was snapped.

Before bringing her fans and followers into the bedroom, Cook uploaded a sexy video clip that showed her having fun in the sun while wearing a skimpy bikini and yachting in Cabo San Lucas.