Tahlia Skaines Shows Off Her Cleavage & Abs In Latest Instagram Update

Tahlia Skaines takes a selfie
Tahlia Skaines / Instagram

Tahlia Skaines showcased her enviable figure in her latest Instagram post, which she shared with her 563,000 followers on Friday, November 20. The model from Australia wore a flattering fitness ensemble in the two-photo update.

Tahlia sported a white two-piece set. It included a sleeveless top and a pair of running shorts. The sports bra boasted a scoop neckline which dipped low on her chest, revealing an ample amount of her décolletage. The sportswear had a super-tight fit on her breasts, making her voluptuous cleavage more prominent. The length of the garment allowed her to showcase her washboard abs and flat tummy, and the straps that clung to her shoulders accentuated her slim arms.

The bottoms that she sported clung high to her slim waistline, obscuring her navel from view. The piece was formfitting, accentuating her fit physique. Notably, the short shorts only reached her upper thighs. The color of the attire complemented her tanned complexion.

In the first pic, Tahlia was standing against a wall. She posed front and center with her legs apart and left foot forward. She raised her left hand to the side of her head to touch her hair, while her other hand rested at her side. She gazed at the camera with a serious expression on her face.

The second snap featured the influencer standing in profile. She touched her locks with her right hand as she looked off into the distance. One of her knees was bent as she stood on tiptoe. Despite the lack of sunlight, her skin still appeared to glow in the pictures.

Tahlia kept her accessories minimal and only wore a pair of gold hoop earrings. To complement her sporty look, she styled her locks in a ponytail with a few tendrils of hair framing her face. The babe also painted her long nails with white polish, which matched her outfit.

In the caption, the internet personality described her set as comfortable. She also shared that her activewear was from White Fox Boutique and tagged the brand.

The latest update has earned a lot of praise from her fans, as most of them dived into the comments section to shower her with compliments. Admirers and some fellow models hit the “like” button over 4,600 times and left more than 40 comments on the titillating post. Countless followers were short on words, opting to drop a string of emoji instead.

“Beautiful and sexy,” gushed an admirer.

“I love that combo! Your tan looks so good with light colors,” wrote another fan.

“Smoking hot! I can’t deal,” a third follower commented.