Kelsie Jean Smeby Flaunts Killer Curves In Dazzling Beach Photo Shoot

Kelsie Jean Smeby poses for an Instagram selfie.
Kelsie Jean Smeby / Instagram

Model Kelsie Jean Smeby thrilled her 758,000 Instagram followers with her most recent update on Thursday evening. The buxom brunette showcased her incredible figure wearing a scintillating outfit that left fans wanting more. The pair of images garnered nearly 500 likes in the first seven minutes after they were uploaded.

Kelsie’s look had a retro vibe that echoed popular fashion from the 1940s and ’50s but with a sultry modern twist. She wore a high-waisted pencil skirt covered in double-sided rose gold and sea green sequins that were illuminated by the bright sunshine pouring over her body. The garment ended just below her knees and had a slit halfway up the right side that exposed her bare thigh. It clung to her voluptuous assets, emphasizing her enticing hourglass shape.

She paired the skirt with a white sleeveless top with a high neck; the skintight fit suggested it may have been a bodysuit worn beneath the glittering piece. The swell of her ample breasts were clearly visible beneath the lightweight fabric.

Kelsie’s black hair was parted off-center and styled in loose waves that she pulled over one shoulder. The ends grazed her upper arm and curled around one side of her bust. Her only accessory appeared to be a delicate pair of silver hoops in her ears.

In the first snap, Kelsie stood on the tips of her toes in damp sand and leaned her weight on her left hand, which she rested against a tall formation of sand that stretched out on both sides of the background. The photographer was below Kelsie during the shoot, and the upper half of her body was framed by a cloudless, blue-gray sky. Her legs were together, with one foot placed in front of the other, and she casually draped her right palm against her hip.

She tilted her chin up toward the sun with her eyes closed and lips slightly pouted.

The angle was rotated slightly in the subsequent photo, displaying a glimpse of turquoise ocean in the distant background. Kelsie kept her lower body in a similar position, but stood upright with her shoulders thrown back and her hands against the front of her thighs. She looked down at the camera with a come-hither expression.

Kelsie’s Instagram supporters loved the post and eagerly took to the comments section to express their adoration.

“We [love] you!!! Stunning girl,” the brand Garota exclaimed, whom she credited in the caption for her clothing.

“LOVE this picture of you, gorgeous,” a second fan declared.