Victoria Villarroel Goes Topless, Lounges On The Floor Wearing Snakeskin Boots

Victoria Villarroel poses for a photo on the red carpet.
Dana Pleasant / Getty Images

Victoria Villarroel took to Instagram on Thursday evening with a tantalizing series of snaps that thrilled her 1.4 million followers. The Venezuelan model posed wearing a pair of knee-high snakeskin boots next to a huge arrangement of orange and yellow flowers, giving fans a tempting view of her almost naked figure.

Victoria held her phone for a selfie in the first image, indicating that the entire impromptu photo shoot may have occurred alone and with the help of a delayed timer in a couple of the shots.

The positioning of her body gave the impression that she was completely nude with the exception of her footwear, but a tiny glimpse of a white strap across her hip in the second image indicated she was also wearing a skimpy thong.

In the first photo, Victoria sat on a hardwood floor against a plain white wall with a matching baseboard. A wide, cylindrical glass vase containing a collection of sunflowers and a few orange blooms was placed on the floor to her right.

She bent her right knee and placed her foot flat on the ground, displaying her boot’s gray-and-cream reptilian surface and kitten heel. The other leg was crossed in front of her body, resting sideways on the ground.

Victoria grasped her phone between the pinkie and forefinger of her left hand and held it in front of her face to capture her reflection. Her right arm partially covered her bare bust, most of which was already blocked by her right leg.

One side of her body and her decolletage was dappled with sunshine streaming through a window off-camera. The shadowed pattern of outside foliage was cast across her thigh.

In the subsequent snap, Victoria crouched against the wall with her knees together and her arms crossed in front of her chest. She appeared to be deep in thought and gazed off-camera with a serious expression. The light in the first image poured over her face and the wall behind her, creating a picturesque scene.

Victoria’s post received immediate attention from supporters and friends alike, both of whom took to the comments section to compliment the social media celebrity and former personal assistant to Kylie Jenner.

“Yes,” Kylie declared simply.

“You’re really on a roll these days,” sister Kendall chimed in.

“I think everyone might also love boots and flowers now,” a third follower remarked, alluding to Victoria’s caption about her photographic accessories.

“2020 sucks but this photo just saved it,” a fourth person praised.