Friday’s Wild ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian Faces A Tough Decision As Folks Hang Out At The Floating Rib

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Spoilers for Friday’s episode of General Hospital tease that fans will want to make sure they don’t miss a minute of what’s ahead. Julian Jerome has to decide whether to follow Cyrus Renault’s orders and lives may very well be at stake here.

Julian had been directed to wait for a package to be delivered to him at Charlie’s Pub and then take it where instructed. He knows that Cyrus wants him to kill Jason Morgan, and now it seems the mobster is ready to proceed.

The package, which seems likely to be a bomb of some sort, was left at the door of Charlie’s during Thursday’s show. Soon after that, the shady bartender at the Metro Court called Julian to tell him where the box needed to be taken.

The bartender overheard that Jason planned to take his son Danny to the Floating Rib to teach him how to play pool. As a result, that’s supposed to be Julian’s destination as well.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Jason will be in full-blown dad mode during the November 20 show. The father-and-son pair will continue to play pool and have some much-needed family time. Unfortunately, this outing may soon turn into something heartbreaking.

As everybody saw during Thursday’s episode of General Hospital, there are some other notable Port Charles residents also hanging out there. Lulu Spencer visited with her mom Laura Spencer Collins there, and it appears that Dev and Cameron will end up there too.

Emme Rylan films as Lulu on 'General Hospital'
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About a month ago, General Hospital spoilers from executive producer Frank Valentini revealed that something big was on the way. The buzz has been that there would be a major explosion happening in Port Charles, and it looks as if that is about to happen.

Will everybody make it out of this emergency alive? General Hospital teasers hint that there will be casualties. For starters, it may well be that Lulu doesn’t make it back out of the establishment alive again.

Not long ago, reports emerged suggesting that both Emme Rylan (Lulu) and William deVry (Julian) had been cut from the cast. While it will likely stretch into next week, General Hospital teasers signal that one way or another, Lulu will probably be gone after this bomb explodes.

As for Julian, that seems a little murkier. He certainly sounded as if he was saying a final farewell to his sister Ava during Thursday’s show. Julian will cross paths with Alexis during Friday’s episode, and that may seem like a farewell too.

Will these be the last scenes viewers have of this character? Apparently, that won’t be the case quite yet.

General Hospital teasers indicate that Julian will reach out to Ava next week to ask a favor. It could be that he accepts Nikolas’ offer to help him skip town, a move he’ll finally make to escape both Cyrus and Sonny.

Some General Hospital viewers have speculated that Julian might rush into the Floating Rib before it explodes in an effort to save his grandson Danny. It seems unlikely that Danny would be killed off, considering the losses Sam has previously endured.

However, Julian saving Danny is a scenario that could certainly be on the way.

It seems that Cameron may end up injured during the upcoming explosion, and there may be others left in bad shape too. General Hospital viewers can likely expect a major cliffhanger on Friday with lives hanging in the balance until next week.