Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Laura’s Home, Ava Pleads With Julian, & Alexis Confronts Cyrus

Genie Francis attends a 'General Hospital' event in Beverly Hills
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General Hospital spoilers for Thursday suggest that Laura won’t lay low for long now that she’s back in Port Charles. The new sneak peek shared via Twitter shares some tidbits regarding what’s on the way and viewers have a lot to look forward to in this November 19 episode.

Laura has been away from home for a while, but now she’s back. She ran into Curtis and Jordan at a house that is somehow connected to Cyrus, and she made a mysterious phone call after she left. Could that call have been to Scott?

The General Hospital sneak peek shows that Laura will meet up with Scott. It appears that they’ll be at the Floating Rib, and she’ll tell him she found something disturbing. What she shares with him is said to be about Cyrus, and it may well be about the PCPD file that he demanded from Jordan.

She told Jordan and Curtis she didn’t know anything about that decades-old file. However, it was clear she was lying. Is she about to fill Scott in on some trouble that’s brewing in relation to this?

According to SheKnows Soaps, Scott isn’t the only person who will see Laura as soon as she’s arrived home. General Hospital spoilers detail that she’ll also reconnect with her daughter Lulu, who will be anxious to confide in her mom.

Lulu will also apparently have a moment of sorts with Dante. While she’s insisted she loves Dustin and that Dante’s in her past, there’s obviously still chemistry between the exes. She’ll ask Dante to join her for something, and it seems she’ll have a bit of a sparkle in her eye as she does.

Julian has found himself in a no-win situation. He revealed far more information to Cyrus than he should have, and now the mobster is holding it over his head. General Hospital teasers detail that Ava will plead with him to take advantage of the only option she sees as a reasonable one.

Nikolas offered to help Julian disappear, and Ava will urge her brother to accept this opportunity. General Hospital teasers have revealed that Julian will be leaving town soon, in one form or another, so it could be that he accepts Nik’s offer.

Maxie will have some questions for Peter, and Marcus will talk with Taggert about Julian. In addition, Carly will lean on Jason, and this is probably about Nelle and the necklace.

General Hospital spoilers also suggest that Alexis will cross paths with Cyrus during Thursday’s show. Apparently, she’ll get rather mouthy with him, and this probably will turn out to be a bad idea.

Viewers are slated to get a bit of time with Jason and Sam during Thursday’s show too. Given that, it sounds as if there’s something for everyone in this General Hospital episode and people are anxious to see what’s next.