Alexa Collins Goes Braless Underneath A Leather Jacket While Wearing Unbuttoned Jeans

Alexa Collins took to Instagram to show off her fit figure in another racy outfit which left little to the imagination. The November 19 upload included three images showing Alexa clad in the same revealing look.

The first shot in the set captured Alexa posed in the center of the frame. She leaned her shoulder against a wall and kept her arms at her sides. Alexa gazed into the camera with an alluring stare, her lips slightly parted. She flaunted her insane figure in a sexy outfit and reminded her audience that it was fall, or "that time" again in her caption. She also made sure to tag her photographer.

She looked smoking hot in a brown leather jacket with padded shoulders which gave the ensemble an edgy vibe. It had a few silver zippers and a belt in the front which the model left undone. Alexa went braless underneath the jacket, wearing it unzipped to expose her trim tummy and a tease of cleavage.

The lower portion of her attire was just as hot, and Alexa rocked a pair of light-wash jeans. Only a hint of the garment was visible because of the way the photo was cropped. She wore the pants unbuttoned, exposing plenty of skin for her adoring fans. Alexa styled her long, blond locks with a deep side part and loose curls which spilled over her shoulders and back.

The second image in the series was snapped at an up-close and personal angle. The model ran one hand through her silky tresses and gazed into the camera with a sultry stare. She wore the jacket open again, flaunting her bronzed cleavage.

In the last picture, Alexa had a smile on her face, tucking one hand into the back pocket of her pants and grabbing the frame of the door with the opposite.

As of this writing, the post has only been live on Alexa's page for a short time, but it's accrued more than 16,000 likes and 300-plus comments. Many Instagrammers commented on the racy look while a few struggled to find the right words, opting to use emoji instead.

"Beautiful time of year. You are stunning," one follower gushed, adding a series of flames to the end of their comment.

"Hiii Beautiful Please reply me," a second fan begged.

"Beautiful your smile wow way to gorgeous Alexa," a third person chimed in, adding a set of smiley faces.

"That's probably the sexiest picture you've taken," one more user complimented.